News Headlines May 23, 2023

News headlines from around the world today, May 23, 2023:

* **Russia says it intercepted two US military jets over the Baltic Sea.** The Russian Defense Ministry said the jets were intercepted by Russian Su-27 fighters after they violated Russian airspace. The US military has denied the claim.
* **Netflix expands crackdown on password sharing worldwide.** The streaming giant is now testing a new policy in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru that will charge users extra for sharing their passwords with people outside their household.
* **Imran Khan’s party leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi rearrested outside jail.** Qureshi was arrested on charges of sedition and inciting violence after he led a protest against the government in Islamabad. He was released on bail, but was rearrested on the same charges outside the jail.
* **Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov wins International Booker Prize.** Gospodinov’s novel “Time Shelter” was awarded the prestigious prize, which is worth £50,000. The novel is about a man who can travel through time.
* **Sri Lanka must achieve debt restructuring by September, says IMF.** The International Monetary Fund has said that Sri Lanka must achieve debt restructuring by September in order to receive its next tranche of bailout funds. The country is facing a severe economic crisis.

These are just a few of the top news headlines from around the world today. For more news, please visit your favorite news source.

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