Tesla Code 3-6-9: The hidden Secret has revealed now

Tesla Code 3-6-9: The hidden Secret has revealed now

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Hello friends, how are you. Today we are gonna discuss about the “Tesla Code” 3-6-9: The most powerful technique of law of attraction…

According to the Theory of Nikola Tesla’s 369, there are all together 1 to 9 digital root numbers exist. All other higher or lower numbers are the combination of those digital root numbers.

“Today we are going to talk about an extremely powerful materialization technique

This is a very powerful technology

Celebrities use the words that worked for their success, there is an ancient Vedic principle

The way you see the world, that’s how it will become.

For you, you ask

To be like this to me

If you need anything out of this world, you will get it easily.

Just by believing you deserve it.

It’s just like the same thing, that we keep hearing – ask for it and it’s given

Whatever we wish for, it can appear

The only thing we need to know is the right technique with full faith.

Today we will share a similar technique

Which will help you achieve your desire

We live in a world where cause and effect play a very important role

How is your health

How happy are you

how much do you have?

who is your friend

Where do you work?

Where are you on the way to?

What kind of people live around you

It’s all effect

We can easily see these effects

But we can’t easily see why

Some we take it the wrong way

We all have some goals in life

Many of you must be looking for a good job

Some of you may want to take your life to the next level

Some of you may want to get rid of some problems

To achieve all these good and positive goals

With a positive mind, we will accept this technique today.

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What is the 3-6-9 manifestation technique?

This is a technique that is one of the methods of the Law of Attraction

Where through positive repetition you can fulfill your desires

Anything you want in your life, you can attract that.

The 3-6-9 tech was invented in the 19th century

by the famous scientist Nikola Tesla.

We already know that Tesla is the inventor of the radio, air conditioning and the remote control.

But this technique was not very popular

The reason is clear

We are human beings, we don’t appreciate the unseen.

Those who do not believe in it, for them, there is only one line

You can’t see electricity,

Why bother paying the electric bill?

It is impossible to understand everything and the mystery of the universe

The important thing is that we use those secrets to fulfill our desires

We need complete faith

Only then will we see beyond the bounds

And after crossing each threshold, take a leap of faith

We can achieve every goal in our life

Only then will our lives change

Tesla explains this technique

When we study circles

We know a 360-degree circle

As far as we divide the circle,

We only get 3, 6, or 9

When you take a quarter of a circle

Then we also get an angle of 90 degrees

Now the quarter is a multiple of 3, 6, and 9.

The remaining three quarters are 270 degrees

It is a multiple of 3, 6, and 9.

Through these examples, we clearly understand what Tesla wants to teach us

It was evident in his following inventions

That 3-6-9 is very important to our nature.

Tesla said after deciphering this pattern

If you understand the power of 3-6-9

You will be able to open the secret door to the universe

And your life will easily change

You will get everything you want in your life.

When we understood the secret of the door to the universe

We had goosebumps

And we truly hope from our hearts,

The secrets that can be obtained from the 3-6-9 technique

You must be very excited to know about those.

Before you understand this method

We would like to make you understand the affirmation in a nutshell

Because affirmation will help fulfill your desires.

emphasis!! What is confirmation? Well, in short: affirmations are simple, positive, and specific statements.

that we tell ourselves

As we have already achieved

For example, if I have a lot of stress in my life

& I want to be happy, then I will say this to myself

I feel very happy and very happy. Thank you.

sound “,” Very simple, yet her positive vibes are like magic”, “around us.

We attract things that make us happy

The universe in which we will live, we build on our ideas

The way we think about it, we will attract a similar adverb

Confirmation plays a very important role in this work

This will give a reminder to the universe and your subconscious mind

That you need to focus on your goal and your desires

Whenever we encounter any obstacle

This confirmation uses the autocorrect function

To get a solution to problems

So let’s understand this in more detail

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How does the 3 6 9 theme technique work?

In this technique, the numbers 3-6-9 are very important

In numerology, the number 3 is associated with the direct source of the universe

This is believed to be the root of all human desires

If you understand the power of the number 3, this will be the origin of the universe

And all your wishes will come true

Number 3 is blessed in the Hindu religion

You must have heard of the trinity of gods

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

3 eyes of God Shiva

Which signifies truth, conscience and happiness

Since childhood, we have heard a lot about Tri Nitra in stories

Confluence of 3 rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati

Also with these words, we understand the importance of the number 3

The number 6 signifies our inner strength

By awakening this, you can flow energy

who will become a mediator to fulfill your desires

With this energy, you will be able to fight every upcoming obstacle

And you will be able to get them out of your way to achieve your goal

If we read Genesis in the Old Testament

We will understand that it took God 6 days to build this universe

In astrology, 6 relates to Venus

It is the symbol of love

Maximum things around us are made of carbon

By chance, the atomic number of carbon is 6

Somewhere we are affected by our past

and therefore,

We are unable to move to accept new things with confidence

The number 9 helps separate us from our past

Reduces self-doubt and negativity

So that we can accept new opportunities with open arms

Also in the Bible, we learn about the Spirit of God in 9 fruits of God

sincerity, kindness, benevolence, joy,

Kindness, longsuffering, love, peace and self-control

As you can see, all of these numbers are very special

With its regular and simultaneous use

We can easily open the door to the secret universe

And bring out our favorite things

It’s the same when we open our fridge and take out water or fruit

Really that’s easy

You just need faith

With confidence, tell the universe your wish

With this faith, you will have everything you need

And you really deserve it

What do you do with this technology?

If you understand the power of 3-6-9

Then you are ready

Now you can open all the doors you always wanted to open

This could be any door

Prosperity, happiness, healthy life and financial independence,

Nice relationship, new career opportunities

Anything you want in your life

Let’s learn how to perform the 3-6-9 technique

Step 1: Half of the stated desire has already been fulfilled

If we start any way

We can reach any unknown place

But we all want to get to a certain destination

And you don’t want to get anywhere like that

Someone who wants to be a great musician

Someone wants to become a famous doctor

Someone wants to be an engineer

To become famous by creating big bridges and roads

Likewise, before we start our journey, we must decide on the destination

You must clearly know exactly what you want

Only then will you be able to go in the right direction

And she will be able to reach heights

For example, if you want to be happy

Then you need to decide that happiness is your goal

Step Two: Make sure that your wish has been fulfilled and that you are very grateful

Until such time as you believe in your desires “this””, “Desire is always questionable

And you will never be able to attract this desire into your life.

Because you are not mentally ready to realize this desire in your life.

It’s like, I want to give you something, but you’re not interested

Or you think you don’t deserve enough

Either way, you won’t be able to keep this thing

Even if I try to push you

You may feel that it is useless

I will give it to someone else

I am sure you understand, to fulfill desires in our life

Our mental preparation is very important

We discussed earlier about a wish

I feel very happy and very good. Thank you.

You must have seen, when people are surrounded by stress

Even at small jokes, they laugh a lot

You may feel strange at the time

But in fact, a person is surrounded by a lot of stress

They need an excuse to smile

This is his desire to be happy and smile

When you decide to be happy, from the very moment

You begin to attract things in life that make you happy

The universe matches your vibrations

& starts sending you everything that helps you stay happy

Just like you shop for happiness

Seek all kinds of happiness

If you are thankful for your wishes

These wishes will come to you twice as fast

This is known as the principle of gratitude

This acts as the secret ingredient of the universe

You can think of this as a catalyst for chemistry class

Which speeds up the reaction

Keep your desires at bay, which will make you happy

I hope nothing bad happens to anyone

Try to act on a desire at a specific time

This will keep you focused and energized

And the universe will understand your resolve

When you have the key to the door to the secret universe, why hurry

Complete your wish

Then start attracting more wishes and miracles

Step 3: Let the love unfold

Magic Technic Box 3-6-9 is now allowed to open

Knocking on the secret wishing door

As soon as you wake up every morning

You need to write your wishes 3 times

For writing, keep a small notebook near your bed

So you don’t have to look the same way in the morning

You can use any pen

Just remember to feel while typing, imagine it

Start seeing your dreams come true

And see the changes after your wishes are completed

For example, if your desires are to get away from stress and be happy

Then he writes, I feel happy and happy. Thank you

While we are writing these lines, we will go through the same moments

Where we will only feel happy

Through visualization, you can live the future in your present

So we’ll fantasize in the morning

Work stopped, we were worried about it

Everything is completed

We will imagine after completing the task,

What kind of changes do we see around us

It may be the confidence you get after completing the job

You will be able to feel it

With this confidence, how do you feel when working on the next task

Your friend and relatives show respect towards you

And if you get paid after work

Then imagine what to do with the money

You may have made too many promises

You will finish some things after this work

Then see how you make people smile after doing these things

And most importantly, how happy you are on the inside

I feel all these feelings

Thinking about these feelings, write down your desires 3 times

Don’t let any self-doubt come

If you have any self-doubt,

Immediately change that thought into a positive one

And drown in happiness

When do you finish typing it 3 times

Keep the notebook aside

Say thank you to the universe and go back to your daily work

With that sweet feeling, and the confidence, that you deserve it all

Now it’s the magic number 6’s turn

Take the same notebook in the afternoon

The way you wrote your wish 3 times in the morning

In the same way, you should write the same wish 6 times

Exactly the same way “,” as I did in the morning

You have to feel every word and line while typing”, “This time you will get active feedback

Because you’ve already knocked on the door of secret desire in the morning

You are now amplifying these feelings

With all faith, write down your desires 6 times

Just feel the feelings you will feel after your desires are completed

And again, start your daily business

With a confident look

Whatever you want, you will definitely get it

If you are working somewhere or going out

Then carry this laptop with you

In the afternoon, complete this process on a priority basis

More you are honest about the process

This way, the universe will get to know your determination

If you do not do this process honestly

How do you expect the universe to do this job

Just do this honestly

And let the universe do the work

You are now in the final part of this magical loop

While you are asleep, take out the notebook again

And this time too, I feel the same way

Write your desires 9 times

Even that magical power of the number 9

It helps you get rid of your past problems

And take you to the new journey

Where your desires await you

We don’t usually discuss our dreams

Through reflection, dreams are sometimes inconsequential

But when waking up strongly 9 before going to sleep

So it is possible to get signals through dreams

There is a possibility to see the new way of fulfilling your desires

that you hadn’t thought of before

These directions will take you to your goal

In this way, you have completed one cycle of the 3-6-9 technique

And with that, you’ve activated the secret ingredients of 3-6-9

You should feel satisfied after completing one cycle

You must feel your desires in your life

In this way, you need to complete 45 cycles of this technique

Moving forward with daily commitment, positive vibes, and positivity

By believing in yourself and feeling the fulfillment of desires

Daily, you need to complete this course for 45 days

Always keep your notebook well

When you have finished completing your current desire

or according to your full desires

Then I started drawing other wishes in the same notebook

The only thing you need is to be loyal and believe in yourself

Focus on achieving your desires

Do not use the computer when this 3-6-9 ritual is activated

Written words are very powerful

With your hand, you can feel it in your subconscious mind

And by taking them to a deep level, you can revitalize your feelings

These passionate feelings will attract the corresponding feelings of the universe towards you

This will reduce the time required to complete your wishes

Step 4: Work on your belief system

Your thinking makes you

According to research, we get about 60,000 thoughts every day

and what we achieve in our lives,

It depends on managing our thoughts

When you follow the 3-6-9 ritual

At the same time, you need to work on your thoughts

As mentioned before

When activating this cycle 3-6-9

Then you will have a lot of ideas, and a lot of dreams too

With your intelligence, you need to work on your ideas and dreams

And you need to move on to the correct interpretation

Until those positive events become true

And we will be able to attract our desires

Anything is possible with time

The universe works in order

The laws of nature are very simple and subtle

After that, humans made many inventions

Discover a celestial body

From a distance, with nanosecond accuracy

Designed spaceships

It has been successfully sent into space

I got the desired results and will continue to do so

This can only become true when

When I understood the law of nature

And with faith, they used those laws for the benefit of man

He did not oppose them

Once you start flowing, you will have achieved the desired results

Know this and have faith, thoughts make man

As we said at the beginning

Yatha Drishti, Tata Shrishti.

Whatever color you see, the world will see “,” it becomes”, “same

do not be late

Describe the universe of your color

And let the universe fill the same color in your life with 3-6-9

Use only good ideas.

In the morning, afternoon and night with full faith

The rest leave everything to the magical power of the universe

So that the distance between your desires and your reality can be reduced

We hope with all our hearts that all your wishes will come true in this way.

Turned off for some reason, all obstacles will be gone and you will be able to attract your most desirable desires, thank you.

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That’s all for now. Thank you very much for your attention. Please keep visiting…

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