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Hello friends, how are you. Today we are gonna discuss about Harp: The artificial weather.

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program was initiated as an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It was designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies

“After the horrific tsunami in 2004, in the province of Aceh, Indonesia, some infrastructure was still standing. But after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, nothing else was standing still in Haiti. Because of the terrible 7-magnitude earthquake, this small Caribbean country… … turned into a death valley in an instant. In the devastating earthquake, about 0.3 million people slept forever. With the sudden death of so many people, all countries and peoples of the world were shocked by the severity of nature. At a time like this, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made a shaky speech in world politics. In a speech that surprised the world by saying….. Behind this terrible disaster in Haiti, nature is not responsible but America! He said that… … this terrible earthquake in Haiti was… … a practical test of an American “tectonic weapon”. America has created a weapon capable of creating terrible natural disasters in any country and in any part of the world. He also gave the name to this American weapon. The blood-curdling weapon is called… … High Frequency Aurora Active Research Program… … or HAARP for short. America’s most secret science project. Hugo Chavez’s statement left the whole world speechless. Discussion about this HAARP started all over the world. Even HAARP started trending after the earthquake in Haiti. The tweet storm continued. It was then, in the much-discussed HAARP theory, that the then President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, added fuel to the fire. He also declared the devastating floods in Pakistan that year… …as a natural disaster caused by this HAARP. For this, the HAARP conspiracy theory began to take on a darker shape. As a result, the magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile that year, devastating landslides in the Philippines, and the magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami in Japan the following year were all blamed on HAARP. So far, the tectonic plate of your mind has definitely been shaken by HAARP. As the controversy raged, some old documents began to emerge one by one, one of which was… …a paper by the famous physicist Bernard Eastlund… …in which he claimed… HAARP was built following his patented technology and theory. .. … through which it was possible to control nature and deactivate satellites. A book by Nick Begich Jr., “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advancements in Tesla Technology” was found. In this book, he wrote that …… HAARP has the ability … … to cause natural disasters anywhere in the world …… and control people’s minds. He added that… …this HAARP burns the upper atmosphere like a giant lens…and then the whole sky looks like it’s on fire. Besides, he wrote in a Russian military journal that… … HAARP is capable of reversing Earth’s magnetic poles. More of these books, information and data are beginning to spread around the world. HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Search Program … … was established in 1993 in the Gakola region, Alaska, USA. The aim of this program is to… …to observe and research the ionosphere, the highest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists at HAARP believe that if this ionosphere can be observed so well, it will open new doors to radio waves or particle physics. In 2014, this much-criticized science project was handed over to the University of Alaska Fairbanks by the US government. So why is there so much criticism of the Human Welfare Science Project? And why such terrible accusations of artificially causing natural disasters? The first reason for this censure and criticism was … secrecy. Since its inception, HAARP has remained as secret and hidden as Area 51. All of its documents… …and research have been kept out of public view. This arouses suspicion in the minds of other countries in the world. Behind this project, the direct communication between the three”, “The US Department of the Interior has sparked controversy and criticism… One of the main reasons why it is described as a weapon to control natural disasters… … is its ability to generate energy. According to one report, it is capable of generating 5.8 gigawatts of power with a power consumption of 3.6 megawatts … And, according to many, the ability to produce this huge amount of power … … gave it … … the ability to control natural disasters. These different types of monitoring data are spread all over the world. This conspiracy theory continues to take a darker and darker shape. As a result, America suffered a massive outrage … and in various countries around the world, the antennas of the electricity generation grid were dismantled … … by declaring them as part of HAARP. In addition, some isolated incidents… … began to occur in various parts of the United States of America, such as the detention of two Georgians … … with heavy rifles such as the AR15 … county sheriff. whose goal was to destroy HAARP, the mind and nature controller. At the end of this conspiracy theory, only one question remains: Is HAARP really America’s weapon to artificially create natural disasters? Is it really capable of creating all the terrible natural disasters? The answer is… no. Obviously not. All of the misconceptions that came up on HAARP…were cleared up by the scientists on duty on this project at the beginning. They said that… … all natural disasters in the world… … occur in the troposphere and stratosphere region of the atmosphere. There HAARP works with the ionosphere. Then Professor Imran Inan of Stamford University… and other physicists and engineers dissipated. They said that… …it is impossible to produce 5.8 levels of energy by consuming 3.6 levels of energy which is unrealistic in physics. So, what about this extra energy production? HAARP produced 5.8 GW of ERP. The term ERP has been ignored by everyone. ERP is a fancy ocean… … used by engineers in the broadcast industry. This circumference is used to… … give a rough number of how much power the machine will need to go to its specified destination. So, this weapon that is said to be able to create artificial natural disasters… … is actually nothing but an innocent science project. Behind the creation of this massive conspiracy theory is the result of… … ignorance, suspicion… … and reading additional sci-fi novels of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. HAARP is not being blamed as a tool for causing these natural disasters. Many other science projects have become victims of this type of conspiracy theory. For example, Ionospheric Research Facility in Puerto Rico, Ionospheric Research Station in Kharkiv, Ukraine, etc. Now at last, a question remains on this conspiracy theory. Is it really possible to artificially cause earthquakes, tsunamis, floods or any natural disasters? Here is the answer… yes. But not in this way. According to scientists, in two more ways it is possible to create natural disasters artificially. The first of these is hydraulic fracturing. Through hydraulic fracturing, this process involves extracting oil and mineral gas from the Earth’s interior. By drilling, about two and a half to three thousand meters of underground holes are made in this fracking. It is capable of hitting the underlying plate… and it can cause an earthquake, many scientists believe so. The second: a nuclear explosion. Any nuclear bomb or nuclear explosion… is capable of creating a variety of natural disasters. Nuclear explosions can easily cause tsunamis and earthquakes in particular. Apart from this, in history, another earthquake generating machine called Tesla earthquake was found. Famous scientist Nicholas Tesla built a machine with the help of steam power”, “An oscillator that… …was capable of creating a powerful shockwave deep within the Earth. Although he invented this machine to generate electricity, Nicholas Tesla claimed that it could easily cause an earthquake in nearby places. Later, many other scholars agreed with this claim. Although Tesla’s machine was still a prototype, it was never actually built. I will say goodbye today. About HAARP and other science projects designed to research the ionosphere, this conspiracy theory ultimately leads to nothing but… … just a few weird beliefs, questions, and doubts. But, as to whether natural disasters would be artificially created and used, the seed of thought was sown in everyone’s mind. Now, only time can answer that.”

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