Future of gaming industry

Future of gaming industry

Hello everyone

whoever or whoever not interested. Today’s Gaming industry doesn’t care for their future pick level. They already flying too high. So let’s discuss all details about the gaming industry.

“Professional Gaming 

You need skills, you need training, you need patience. 

Everyone is Sachin Tendulkar in their field. 

But India has caves and gorges of these passages

As a result, lakhs and crores of Sachins too

But this does not mean that everyone plays for India, 

Professional players become professionals when they play.

When they are practicing to play the same game continuously for 50-60-70 hours. 

Develop small and small skills

Often as an audience we see that A.J 17 year old won $3 million in Fortnite worldcup. 

His fate was changed in one night,

But every overnight success takes years to make.

If you really want to make a career in the gaming field And became a professional player, 

Then you need to look at it as a profession, not a hobby.

We have noticed the journey of many professional players And this trend is common everywhere. 

Every journey has a flow and that flow looks something like this 

Selection of games. 

players community, Tournaments, victories and care. 

This means that just taking good headshots is not enough. 

In the future, we will talk to these people who have made their careers in gaming. 

We will display their careers in front of you

The second field is “frontend” 

A professional gamer can work in the gaming field,

But, besides, if you are determined 

Then you have room to play. 

If you are an video editor or animator,

Then you even have room to play. 

Games are an interactive storytelling format.

And in this industry, the commercial artist has a lot of scope.

We say commercial artist, Because here as per the requirements of the game, You create the art and the third file is the “back end”.

Just think, you are interested in games, 

But you can’t play the game very well 

And you don’t even know the basics of design.

The good news is that you can still pursue a gaming career by learn coding. 

If you are a good data analyst, you have a scope here. Contemporary engineers can incorporate their passions with their profession. 

How does data science help in games? 

Suppose you are designing a level based game which contains 100 levels, And you should know that What should be the difficulty of the game, 

Then you need to know how many% of people are completing the game and in what level. 

And data science gives you those tools and techniques, With which you can analyze and improve the game, 

And to learn the latest technologies like data science.

Part 3: The Dark Side of Game  

This industry also has a dark side. 

Some games are harmless but some games can ruin your life. 

Like games that promote gambling. 

Just think, some of us have hardly been to the casino 

But when the casino comes to your pockets. 

It is downloaded in one click and stays with you forever. Then what will happen? Anyone can become a player. 

Gambling is an state issue in our country, This means that each country decides what is and is not allowed. 

So we have to get smart. 

How to identify gambling-related games?

Just ask yourself 3 questions

1. Is money included in this game?

2. If you lose in this game, is it because of choice?

To take a simple example,

In Ludo, we decide which piece to move, And things change accordingly. 

But we don’t choose at Snakes and Ladders. 

So if the app makes you play a popular game like Snakes and 

Ladders with money, this is also gambling.

And No 3. 

Are you getting better with time and practice?

You usually learn the rules of the

By making those mistakes again, you get better.

But you never get better at gambling

Because things are not based on your decisions.

The biggest problem is these game companies collect data from you,

When you play matches, against whom do you win, against whom to lose, How much to bet and when to stop playing, All of these things are known as those slot games. 

Accordingly they change your gaming experience. 

That’s how they do”, “Whatever it takes to get you addicted to gambling.

Part 4: Conclusion

Games are the future of interactive storytelling And the future is here.

In this future we have to be careful and Take advantage of this opportunity as well and there are many areas in gaming where Indians can shine We can develop games like Raji In anime we can work on games like GTA and ultimately solve a lot of data related issues in almost 200 billion dollar industry there is room Big for India and there is hope where there is scope If this article adds some value to you then share it with your friends as it helps us and this site a lot in the 21st century Gaming is not just a hobby it is a logical career choice and sharing this message with you makes a difference for us. 

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