BUREAU 39 “The Real & Hidden Story of North Korea”

Bureau 39 “The Real & Hiden Of North Korea”

First of all i confess that this article i wrote from an documentary i have seen on YouTube. My only intension is to write this article is for my all podcast Listeners. So let’s start..

“North Korea is like Game of Thrones, but without the dragons, it is an aristocratic and capitalist society and everything is directed to make sure that there is as much money as possible for Kim, and Bureau 39 is involved in everything that makes money on selling North Korea to smuggle weapons. Counterfeiting drugs for US bills, that’s about hundreds of millions of dollars a year, it’s all because I make dollars. The fourth largest army in the world for three generations, the Kim family has ruled the country with an iron fist but how does the regime manage to survive despite severe UN sanctions and how Kim Jong Un has enough money to threaten the world with the most powerful weapon of all time a nuclear bomb A foreign North Korea history professor is working on answers to these questions. Remco broiker of the Universitäy of Leiden in the Netherlands has been studying the mysterious country and its rulers for years, and says our picture of North Korea is wrong. The main goal of the regime government I must say is to make money is to make money for Kim What interests me personally is how North Korea manages to make money One of the questions we’ve been stuck with is where does the money go and how much money does North Korea give North Korea’s leadership questions like this are serious it has The North Korean regime sent a letter of indictment in my name to the Dutch government accusing me of three major crimes the worst of which was the accusation that our search was my name and harmed the Supreme Leader’s supreme dignity now this sounds like laughable crime rates harming someone’s supreme dignity in North Korea is punishable by death three times as serious . In RYMCO investigations threatened to disrupt North Korea’s cash flow The country became internationally isolated because of its nuclear program With no legal sources of income The regime to illegally raise funds New York United Nations Headquarters Since 2006 The United Nations has imposed nine rounds of sanctions on North Korea These actions are monitored by an international panel of experts of eight members including former military and financial intelligence experts for their own safety, working in secret only coordinator Hugh Griffiths is willing to speak on camera about sanctions. Tremendous influence on one level on North Korea it means their economy can’t thrive the way it would have if they were able to sell their most foreign exchange earnings legitimately so they can’t ship coal legally and they can’t ship iron ore legally they can’t ship zinc legally foreign currency is very important to any country no matter how frequent it is for their economy you need foreign currency to buy necessary goods for your population or your elite group so foreign currency is very essential for the survival of korea North, and the question is what is more important for North Korea’s leadership developing a nuclear and ballistic missile program or with their economy booming, the regime decided to go for the bomb in 2005 officially declared that it had nuclear weapons as protection against attacks from outside and to strengthen its power in Pyongyang within the city of apartment buildings New picked cleanly lined. Clean Avenues Here is where Pyongyang’s upper class lives Only those considered loyal to the regime live here Those who want to enter the capital from abroad need a song permit from the Pyongyang Economic Research Institute who authorized him to talk to journalists for example about sanctions I mean between sanctions that have been imposed on North Korea is very strict”, “There may not have been a country that has been sanctioned for stricter diversity at the same time that they are no longer operating there is a huge problem with our policy towards North Korea and using sanctions to try to get the regime to moderate its behavior because we’re not saying anything to the only entity that makes the most money that gives you the float The financial that keeps us alive Many high-ranking defectors from North Korea talk about a secret government department that said it manages the secret funds of the regime allegedly by Kim Il-sung, who founded it and his son Kim Jong-il in the late 1970s and provided it with wide-ranging powers. South Korea is very modern, one of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world, about 25 million people live in the metropolitan area, about half of the population is South Korean, among them most of the 30,000 people who managed to escape from North Korea KO young Juan was a Korean diplomat North Korean escaped in 1991. Later he was deputy director of South Korea’s Institute for National Security Strategy Few people know more about the workings of the Kim regime than foreign conversations. Hang out with any prominent North Korean exiles and they will all tell you that Bureau 39 is so important to the revenues of the North Korean regime, it’s so vital that it clears everything that’s falling apart here in New York. Monitoring sanctions against North Korea, an important entity like Bureau 39 should be at the top of the list of banned organizations. North Korean defectors usually talk about Bureau 39, and we don’t see Bureau 39 in our investigations instead. North Korean banks and shell companies that traditionally operate offshore in third countries to generate foreign currency and then that money is sent back to North Korea. bureau 39 outside of North Korea isn’t called Bureau 39 and no one identifies it as someone who worked at Bureau 39, so it’s hard. Very sanctioning people you really don’t know Kinshasa the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo since the 80s North Korea has been buying foreign exchange here in the heart of Africa KO young Juan witnessed a particularly amazing case at that time Foreign bureau 39 never acted publicly , But his fundraising activities extend to all parts of the world What is in Cambodia a world heritage site More than 2.5 million people visit ancient Khmer temples every year Angkor Watts operating in Cambodia earned more than $100 million in 2018 Cambodia’s Angkor Wats company has acquired ancient Khmer temples every year. Temples Museum opened in 2015. In its heart is a 3D painting depicting the history of the Khmer Empire in huge pictures Many tourists are directed here every day, so for the painter they are from North Korea, they told a year and four months to paint, and whoever built it was a Cambodian or North Korea or North Korea or North Korea fixed Dominion that beats the United Nations. Sanctions North Korea not only built the complex but also financed it in exchange for the North Koreans collecting all revenues for the first 10 years after that they would share the profits the North Korean CEO does not want to appear on camera but says the museum makes about seven million dollars a year from Entrance fee alone soon and that number is supposed to double He has maintained close relations for decades They were good friends A solid foundation for business relations Today they run counter to UN sanctions In the evening when the museum closes North Koreans throw another set of doors open for hungry tourists who don’t They want cameras in the restaurant so we filmed in secret, yeah we had a reservation yesterday yeah”, “And fake names According to the United Nations, North Korea managed to send large numbers of weapons and grenades to Syria between 2012 and 2017, at least 40 shipments from North Korea passed through the sewage channel, but in 2018 the United Nations managed to intercept one of them. So we found something a shipment on its way to Syria it was acid resistant tiles and fuses that can be used in the development of chemical weapons but also rocket fuel is very corrosive and such tiles can be used in the ballistic missile program also the command bill was clearly given as an address in Syria it was established A front company for the Syrian Scientific Studies Research Center, the SSRC responsible for the dangerous ballistic missile development program and chemical weapons, as the Russians still in the chemical weapons produced in these laboratories were used by the Syrian dictator Assad against his country. People for many more years died in agony foaming at the mouth. It is a little known fact that the Syrians’ bloody weapons program was created with the help of North Korean technicians and scientists. In the joint action targeting suspected chemical weapons sites, President Trump declared mission accomplished saying that the missile strikes against Syria by the United States and France were carried out perfectly. When the Americans bombed the chemical laboratories they shocked the North Koreans there yeah if they knew they were bombing the North Koreans I don’t know but they did yeah the North Korean chiefs in Syria weren’t reported much because of the lack of appreciation of foreigners they weren’t able to count On North Korea to sell its weapons is a guided missile it is chemical laboratories Assad probably would not have taken Victor out of the conflict as a third of all buildings in Syria have been destroyed, a tragedy and a business opportunity the Syrian regime hopes to obtain billions from international donors for the reconstruction of the country. From North Korea, the two countries sign a contract at a meeting in June 2019. Dirty deals between tyrants The money that Bureau 39 earns goes straight to the driving hoods, on the one hand it is used to provide luxury items that are used to pay for Mercedes-Benz cars that somehow found their way To North Korea despite the sanctions, but also used, and this is probably more important to introduce the best hackers you can trade as early as the mid-1980s, Kim Jong-il began to train the most talented children in terms of mathematical abilities and programming abilities to become hackers They also make good money. Ransomware like wannacry fires for example is coming from the North Koreans the biggest cyberattack the world has ever seen hundreds of thousands of computers all over the world in about 150 countries rendered useless now the US government is publicly blaming this cyberattack that Dubbed wannacry uniquely for Kim Jong-un’s army of hackers, British intelligence officials and Microsoft had earlier concluded that groups linked to the North Korean regime were responsible for the reckless hack. Choe works as a consultant to South Korean intelligence agencies. North Korea has limited access to the Internet. Only a thousand IP addresses are available for the country. North Korean computer specialists use them to attack other countries. Experts estimate that between 600 and 1,300 hackers work for Kim Ah. Experts estimate that as many as 2 A billion dollars have been stolen before”, “200 tons of silica is produced here every year a luxury product that is expensive and labor-intensive, the entire production of the plant is intended for export abroad, but the supervisors are not willing to disclose to foreign customers that I am no longer sure who suffers from the sanctions. Troubles, I’m a sheriff of the North Koreans, but I find ways around them, one problem is that neither China nor Russia is helping with foreign sanctions. North Korea’s outer gateway to the world and a symbol of the futility of the United Nations’ efforts to dry up Kim’s sources of funds. The Korean Friendship Bridge across the Yalu River has linked China and North Korea since 1943. It is one of the few ways to enter or leave North Korea. Every day, trucks line up at the customs checkpoint. uick deal here China is by far North Korea’s most important trading partner. Financial experts estimate that 90% of North Korea’s exports go to its powerful neighbor to the North Thousands of North Koreans are said to work in textile factories in the region disguised as businessmen and equipped with hidden cameras that we film in a factory Chinese textile companies hire North Koreans because their wages For less than the wages of Chinese workers, these seamstresses work day and night and often sleep on company premises and are likely to be locked away for years away from their families. Together with a team of labor lawyers, trade experts and data specialists, ramcobroker tries to find out if European brands are working With Chinese companies directly or indirectly hiring North Koreans but we found out different things and one of the things we were really hoping to set up was to use North Korean workers in Chinese factories but what we found really surprised us is tha yeah we have North Korean workers working in Slave-like conditions in China, but more so than those Chinese factories outsourcing to North Korean factories in North Korea. Financial, we have been able to establish that there is a significant amount of North Korean slave labor in the supply chain of some of the world’s leading apparel companies mainly in Europe and the United States, we have come to an agreement that we no longer want to find slave labor or child labor in our supply chain, so There are all kinds of agreements in place but if you look closely at some of these producers you will find that sometimes as much as 90 percent of the production is not done in China, it is not happening in the factories where the European and American auditors come to check if the working conditions decent yes. They are in those factories but that’s only where 10 of the products are made and another 19 come from North Korea North Korea broadcast team investigated a Chinese textile company closely called vondest the ir website points out The company relies on low labor costs and abundant human resources that its client list reads like those of international fashion brands. The Database Broadcast team analyzed long office business relationships between 2013 and 2019. The databases use customs data that shows goods being sent back and forth between companies in different countries, so what happens is that China sends the materials to make certain types of clothing to North Korea. A month later they sit in the same container and then I’m done sealing these clothes are shipped back to say the Netherlands or to Germany or to America and from there they are distributed in our stores between 2013 and December 2016. From fabrics and raw materials to North Korea during the same period in dollars, Fnouz received Finnish clothing worth approx”, “$25 million North Korean customs classify textiles by so-called HS codes for example the women’s jacket has a different HS code than men’s jeans take a closer look at HS code 6201 it refers to men’s jackets and jackets like the Armani jacket on the website Between 2013 and December 2016 vondest $12 million in clothing imports with this code from North Korea The same code is also used for deliveries from Von’s office to Europe and the United States Among customers Armani Armani jackets that look exactly like the ones on Von dest’s website can also be purchased In Europe this site costs 219 euros and this cannot be proven beyond any doubt as clothes like this are made in North Korea but can they be ruled out we ask the fashion brands Amani wrote we confirm that vondest is one of our suppliers and as such is subject to regular Checks and Inspections The result of these checks is that no finished products are manufactured in North Korea like all of our suppliers they also require red flags to declare which subcontractors you use and where related t so it’s also a matter of none of them being in north korea we also contacted von dest in writing the company gave no explanation as to why and to what extent it trades with north korea one thing it can be said that for some well known fashion brands they are made Its goods by a Chinese company that cooperates with North Korea, a country where workers have no rights and where human life matters nothing, the investigation by breuka shows that this is not an isolated incident for years and years we have heard testimonies from swarms of North Koreans who were in concentration camps today There they were compelled to produce textiles for the export markets of a famous western branch and I believe for the first time I have been able to confirm this from an outside source. Or not through a certificate in the same database I found the department of bureaucracy responsible for managing the production of textiles for one of the concentration camps outside it means that we not only buy clothes produced by slave labor and maybe even slave labor we can also buy clothes in the Netherlands in Germany across Europe In America and made in concentration camps by people who will never see their last day again these are the kinds of camps you don’t leave till you dance this is too horrible to put into words hundreds of thousands of men and women secretly ensure the survival of the dictatorship being Sacrificing their future for the welfare of the system and for our prosperity Kim Jong-un is not a mad dictator but a quietly calculating businessman who runs his country like a corporation whose bureau 39 deals with everything and everyone.”

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