This 3 story can transform you to Supernatural powers

How to Transform yourself to Supernatural power

This article followed to sadguru’s speech on videos.

“Who wants to have supernatural powers, someone wants to walk on water, everyone walks on land, so someone wants to walk on a roof, the secrets of the paranormal, I’ll give you these three phrases three times on your turn, it’s all supernatural is The only thing for you when you flip the mantra once it’s like that inside you it will become magic May I reveal the phrases There was a man in south India who wanted to have superpowers what superpowers do you know know what someone wants to walk on water someone He wants to fly without a plane, everyone walks on the ground, so someone wants to walk on the ceiling, basically a circus, wants to do something no one else can do, this guy wants supernatural powers, he went from teacher to expert, and a lot From the teachers who have seen everyone said no and then someone told him that these teachers from south India are not good because they are very conservative and they are not going to give you all this I know a monk in Tibet who has all the superpowers you want and is ready to give it to you at once our man who set out on a journey to Tibet from South India to Tibet Walking through the Himalayas to me Oh easy journey but our man is adamant that he wants super powers, so he went all the way to this monastery, the Buddhist monastery, the culture in the Buddhist monastery is very different from what we know here in South India, as people have been taught that this means that the guest is God if there is someone When he comes to your house as a guest you should treat that person like a god even if your enemy is somewhere else when he comes to your house you should treat him like a god you should say in India people see you doing this because they want to treat you like a god because you come here when they come to your place they will be different but now that i got here they want to treat you like a god but in buddhist service there there is no such culture for me if i go there no one will ask about you because they don’t care about you because the most important thing in their life is knowing who i am if Now a new person came and asked who you are, it’s a very big question, yeah a very big question, right, so they don’t want to embarrass you with such a big question, so a new person comes in if you don’t ask them who you are and what the next possibility is where did you come from, do you know Where do I come from now, I come from T from China, that’s not really the point where I come from Yep from her, do you know where you come from in this life, do you know, don’t you know where you are? This mom is ok in your mum’s tummy, where you come from, you don’t really know where you come from, do you, so they don’t want to embarrass you with this question whether someone new arrives don’t ask who you are or where you come from, there’s not much room for conversation so no They talk to you. Lunch means there is a bell if you want to go and eat if you don’t eat then no one will force you because fasting is an important part of Buddhist life if you don’t eat it’s very respectful and no one will come and say come and eat because they think you are fasting it’s Strange situation for this guy from south India because in south India you should know this if you go to someone’s house it doesn’t matter what time of day you go you should eat tell them no you just had dinner and you came ah it doesn’t matter you come To my house you should eat because this is Karam This is a sure way to the hospital No one asked him who you are and where you came from and he eats nothing He just hung up when he was hungry and went to him and ate and just hung about one day, two days three days, three weeks After three weeks, no one spoke to him, the old monk who was there calling him, knows why this man came ‘If you were to do supernatural powers, what would you do walking on water then,’ said M. ‘Three days a boat would be better, you know, I would.”, “Teach you how to meditate with this you can live a fruitful life Our man said no no no no I don’t want you to meditate You think you should learn to meditate I should come to Tibet in India We know every kind of meditation Don’t forget Gautama Buddha is an export From India in many ways the monk tried to dissuade him but our man was adamant that I wanted superpowers, then the monk said ok if you must have it tomorrow at four in the morning, dive into the river and come here, let’s see what we can do The secrets of the paranormal, I’ll give it to you, gone Our man at four in the morning dives into the river this is not south India, these are the temperatures in all of Tibet minus the dive that turned into half blue gold and sat down in front of the monk the monk looked at his condition and said insist, look at this very simple, there are three shifts to pronounce these The three phrases will be times for all the supernatural y I have to say the mantra to you these three r phrases above you three times all the supernatural is the only thing for you when you say the mantra you shouldn’t think of the monkey is all that’s all I can go to him please. The man came out of the monastery really jumping with joy, the foolish monk revealed all the secrets of the paranormal and told me not to think of a monkey what he knows about my culture here we think of the Veda Upanishads Brahma Sutras these are all great scriptures why am I thinking of a monkey, am I a hunter I haven’t seen a monkey in the last 10 years Such thinking of the monkeys, he came down to the Indian part of the Himalayas where there is a sacred river in India I heard about it, this is the sacred river diving Ganga dive in the river monkey Sat Monkey Buddha means another dive in the clash river Monkey Buddha another dive In the river monkey Buddha another plunge into the river in different yoga poses Try that means Mo Monkey One week of intense training Came to your place He doesn’t have to do anything but monkeys Inside the monkeys Outside the world of monkeys full of monkeys Now he can no longer sit or sleep Monkeys in Everywhere inside everywhere, now all the monkeys are back. On the way back to Tibet again, he went to the monk and said I don’t want your superpowers first to save me these monkeys now that’s the nature of your mind if I say I don’t want something to happen in your mind. not just monkeys no no no no don’t think of a monkey no you can’t think of a monkey just monks as monkeys do more or what i say is without understanding the basic nature of the mind if you try to do something head on you will go crazy a lot of things you think you want to forget , and you will never forget the things you want to remember, you will always forget what is true or not, huh because without understanding the basics of m we try to run the mind, these are the most complex machines on the planet, but you’re going to do it somehow if you go into it somehow, it works Most of the time, unfortunately, people’s minds are working against these people when you were five years old your age when you were very happy and today how happy you are because it has gone up or down, it means that your mind is working against you, it is working against you simply because without understanding the basics of what you are trying to run If you have a sharp knife you have to have a steady hand yes or no If you have a very sharp knife you have to have a very steady hand Unsteady either you cut yourself or someone cuts yes or no that’s all right now once To become a human you have a sharp knife you don’t have a steady hand and that’s why yoga was created A hand so steady that this sharp gentleness can be used the way we want it not to cut us all the time now “,” all the misery you see on this planet all the human misery that happens on this planet where the manufacturing unit in shanghai where the manufacturing unit in your mind every kind of misery”, “It was only made here and that would create bliss for you but it creates misery because there is no stable platform that spreads everywhere Once this mind starts working for you Once you are happy by your nature there is no fear of suffering Once you are within yourself that the mind takes Instructions from you No matter what happens I will keep this happiness This will become magic and become a wonderful instrument of well-being Now, you wish to explore the full depth and the full dimension of this life you are.

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