How to build Confidence

when you have confidence or we even call it fire when you have that fire inside you that confidence that inner courage you have almost this strength to do whatever it takes to realize your vision of courage and we have all had these times in our lives when we are full of confidence and what others see as a problem we see it simply as an opportunity he sees Others it’s a stumbling block or a wall and we see it as a stepping stone or that solution so confidence is something you really want to gain confidence is something you really want to develop confidence in, confidence in practice is a muscle and like any muscle, the more you focus on it and practice it and train it, the more confident you will be by yourself. 

“Remember the Sutra

Circumstances will now no longer constantly be


This is how the arena is designed

It is deliberate to be a university

robust blows

There are instances while lifestyles assessments us

When hard occasions come to us

the query is


you’ll pick

to reply at that time

This is our thoughts

It is the manufacturing unit that creates thoughts

Thoughts are diffused bundles of energy

that have an effect on our health

that defines our position

that creates

Our emotions of happiness and distress

so be satisfied

To do a higher task

and come to be higher humans

we have to shelter

higher thoughts

Which calls for purification

withinside the thoughts

Hence the want to control the thoughts

In order to manipulate your thoughts

You want to recognize


among the environment

and your thoughts


When we aren’t aware about this gap

We experience that situations are beneathneath control

We agree with that the situations

They can annoy us

with out figuring out

That in any instances

You have a preference

to select thoughts

as you wish

Take the instance of santokaram

He turned into a incredible saint of Maharashtra

His spouse become of a horrible nature

Keep preventing with him

So keep the Mahabharata at home

All the time

One day there has been not anything withinside the house

Ibn tukaram used to carry out bhajan

mini rook with cash telugu with phone

rukmini with hill

His spouse exploded at him, what are you?

a activity

Go take a seat down for your keep and earn some thing

There is not anything to prepare dinner dinner here

So pay son Tokaramo

Senior management and went to the keep

Now he were given it

every day income

For a few groceries

When he got here again he located a few

Beggars maintain giving them


When he were given home, he simplest had one

gana one sugar cane

He informed his spouse it’s all I have


I were given irritated at him and raised him and

hit her at the head

damaged in 

You see, she need to were hit hard

to divide it into parts


santukaram turned into now no longer afflicted via way of means of it

He stated oh he is divided

Don’t trouble to take one I’ll take it

We had to interrupt it

Then he went to his pooja room

stated oh

Look mini Vettel you’re so cute


You gave me this kind of spouse that I can

Never get connected to this international

do you see

This is it

nice nature

The fine nature is that I ought to now no longer

Let the turmoil undergo my thoughts

outside disturbances

See them as a blessing

Everything takes place for the true

So it’s miles visible in this example that

God’s blessing

Consider this example

Suppose your boss

He requested you to return back to his workplace at eight o’clock

00 am

For a task assessment assembly

Which I knew might be very important

You are

And the

I became at night time earlier than mattress set

Alarm clock at 6 30 to awaken in time

And get your self withinside the proper area

Before informing your boss

But withinside the morning the alarm refused it

coming down

By the time I awakened it become 7 15.

Now that made you upset

When I rushed on your bathroom

The husband had already occupied it

You must have waited 10 mins ago

I were given your chance

Finally if you have completed your each day chores


And I went in your storage for

The car’s gasoline tank became empty because

Your infant had emptied it with out

I inform you

Now by the point you

I refueled him and were given off the street

I changed into already late

then hung

In visitors jam rubber neck

When you arrive at your boss’s workplace

It wasn’t 8 withinside the morning

It turned into nine and 25 withinside the morning

And your boss gave you a bit of it

The thoughts is in clearly unmistakable tones

kick you out

And after the assembly I turned into in

Really horrific temper

So this is the terrible temper I’ve been in

He become accountable for it

The boss who yelled at you

Or are the humans at the aspect of the street who

Cause a visitors jam withinside the rubber neck

Or is it your toddler who emptied you?

Fuel tank or the pair I preserve

Busy bathroom or alarm clock

who refused to ring

In the end, who’s the culprit?

The solution I’m certain you guessed

none of those

those”, “It’s simply outside instances

Circumstances can be whatever

Your temper is constantly what you pick out


You can pick beneathneath any occasions

to be glad

This is the gap

among instances

and your mind

When we do now no longer recognize this gap

Then we sense that others are liable for it

My Negative, Marty, etc.

Why do you sense so annoyed?

It’s all her fault it is all that

individual’s fault

a look

Circumstances will now no longer usually be


This is how the sector is designed

It is deliberate to be a university

robust blows

Extremely hard instances will continually remain

come for your manner

the query is

How do you pick out to suppose?

while this occurs



Make an expression for this

with the aid of using a person named Victor Frankl

It changed into


in Austria

He become a practising psychiatrist


When World War II broke out

The Nazis had been besieging the Jews

Throwing them into attention camps

Victor Frank together along with his own circle of relatives

All individuals and households of his brother

They had been thrown into the camps

He broke up together along with his spouse and

Get to realize their daughters later

he died

describes the horrors

At the worst of that focus

Auschwitz camps

He says they may make us stay with out her


They flog us and pressure us to do that

worst despicable act

We might not understand if we’re going to stay

Alive withinside the morning or now no longer

and after

In the midst of these situations is

Realize that he has one freedom

No you may put off from him

Freedom to pick out his mind

So he determined to do it

and to be satisfied

He may be visible smiling or even


It became apparent that he turned into elated


He checked out him and stated

Why are you so glad he tells me


maintain residing

Through that ordeal

While numerous humans died there

He stated this secret

I will proportion it with the entire global while

It’s over

Finally while he become released

He went to stay in Israel

and wrote his ee-e book

Searching for the which means of human existence

He says there are instances whilst lifestyles checks


When hard instances come to us

The query is how

you may pick out

to reply at that time

It turned into

Medals have been provided in all 5 countries


His ee-e book has been translated

round the sector

He turned into a dwelling example

That regardless of how hard the state of affairs is,

can turn out to be

You are unfastened to be satisfied

It’s the selection you are making

This preference exists because

the distinction



and your thoughts

Take a have a take a observe the saints of this global

Did they’ve an clean existence of direction now no longer

Many have been socially oppressed

They have been very poor

Have own circle of relatives or bodily difficulties


Yet they usually pick to shelter


and effective mind



The big majority of humans

He does now no longer apprehend

that there’s a gap

among positions

And pick the thoughts we take

Without this awareness

They have become like slot machines

Slot device what form of analogy

that is yes

Because the slot system isn’t always responding


You positioned a penny in it’ll react

Likewise you’ll act like this they may do

Your response act like this they’ll do


While the ones mature

They say we might not reply

we are able to reply

Situations can emerge as tough

Life can serve us with lemon

But while that occurs

Whether you want it

To experience sour approximately it

Or to make lemonade juice from it

is the selection

which you are answerable for

so we

She is liable for our mind

What is the duty


the ones

Who does now no longer recognize this

They are the interactive humans

they do not

They sense liable for

moods or mind

That’s why they take pleasure in blame


You ask them why are you so upset

Swamiji Nana acted like me

That’s why I may not hassle

Why are you so annoyed and my boss scolded me

I ought to be down I don’t have any preference

Why are you so and so”, “Kind of

This is what I am

It’s now no longer my obligation one manner or the other

Fate or God or a person made me

like him

This is what I am now

Whereas a proactive character might say


Whether you’re right or horrific

It’s my obligation

I’ve made selections alongside the road that

What I were given today

Now I should make some thing different


To grow to be a higher individual and have

higher future

In the front of me

So those are the proactive humans

You will see a distinction in


among proactive and reactive


He will say the response

I do not experience any love for my spouse

my love got here down

So what need to Swamiji do?

No, I’m looking forward to love to return back

Backup again

So they assume love will manifest to me

And then I will fall from it

Without figuring out that they have got

the duty

Love isn’t always some thing that occurs

Love is a global you select

Think cautiously of others

You select to be an amazing explorer

You select to have loving mind

Likewise in sincerity as they want


At the instant I do not sense a lot devotion to him

God and the teacher

So what’s Swamiji prepurported to offer

you’ve got got an injection

So they journey their waves


Now emotions are on a curler coaster

Because they’re made via way of means of the thoughts

And in case you do now no longer take duty

The thoughts becomes your worst

the enemy

examine the saints

The torment that Prahlada needed to face

That tulsidas need to have confronted human beings tried

to kill them

However, they did now no longer experience sour


they usually have been


In God’s consciousness

Even if we


For extra advances in science

thoughts management

It can most effective occur

When you are making a decision

That my country of thoughts is alone

accountable for that

And I want to begin changing

The mind that I hold

If you’re sad I am answerable for it

a period

I best have one phrase for my revel in

This retreat is priceless

It certainly is one of the maximum extremely good things

instances of the year

This is an unforgettable enjoy that I felt

As in case you have been in Swamiji’s heaven lectures

they had been

The direction of excellence

Makes his speeches speeches as well


You are”


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