Science of fortune and unfortunate

The mind of the man is the man,

and everything out there in the life is the manifestation of your mind.

So one of the key transformations as a human being,

all of us require, is to be able to think the thoughts that we don't

mind manifesting in our life

and not think the thoughts that we don't want it to manifest in a life that is what

is all about, transformation is all about.

Because everything in your life was first a thought.

So everything in your life you're going to magnetize into your life

is going to begin with the quality of your thinking.

So if I can ensure that I think

the thoughts that I don't mind manifesting in my life or I want it to manifest

in my life

and reach that level of mental discipline,

that I don't even entertain the thoughts that I don't want to manifest in my life.

It's one of those transcendental states.

And religion understood

as fragile,

susceptible human beings we are, we are not capable of

by decision choosing that state all the time.

So religion being

advanced psychology,

they played it so beautifully.

A project has to happen.

Thousand people are involved in this project.

How do you get all the thousand people to believe everything will go right?

Because if a strong number of critical mass there.

Is very negative about this project,

I'm not gung-ho about this entire thing,

so will be the manifestation, because they are the foot soldiers in the project.

So religion


if we have to mass hypnotize everybody to believe in certain ways.

Certain things have to... So they introduced a concept called Auspicious Day.

If they have to introduce a concept called auspicious day or auspicious time

and get you to believe in it,

then the contra is required, so they had to also introduce inauspicious time and inauspicious days.

Rahu kalam and Yamma Kandam had to be introduced.

Otherwise, you will not believe in good time,

because if the negative is not there then all time is good time.

Monday morning, seven-thirty to nine is Rahu kalam.

And people say anything starts at Rahu kalam,

everybody feels it will go wrong.

But every Monday morning, seven thirty to nine,

which is Rahu Kalam, a Brindavan Express leaves from Chennai to Bangalore.

And it has never met with an accident.

Lot of things that are started in auspicious time has not turned right;

lot of things that has started in

random time has gone right.

But there was a need to create this.

The idea was,

when a Boomi Pooja is done and when hundreds of people are involved,

and then there is an invocation that happens there,

you're basically mass hypnotizing.

Everybody is not a powerful speaker.

Everybody is not an empowering communicator.

Everybody does not have the ability to speak for 10-15 minutes

and make all the 500 of them feel positive about everybody cannot do it,

but ritualistically it can be achieved.

And that collective belief that because we have started it on an auspicious day,

in an auspicious time, everything is going to go right.

There are only two possibilities

when your mind is so well programmed that everything is going to go right.

Only one of the two is going to happen.

Either it's going to go right or it's not going to go

because there is no negative seed here for you to draw into this entire thing.

In fact,

it's fascinating.

One of you should do PhD in religion

on the psychologic, not religion as a religion.

The psychological impact religion has on a human being is fascinating.

Then rather than

belittling religion as some meaningless thing, you'll understand what an

advanced science it has been.

So it's very important.

What is the direction of your thinking?

A lucky shirt is a lucky shirt for the one who believes it's a lucky shirt

and by believing it's a lucky shirt, what you have done? Rationally

you can think, 'Oh just because of lucky shirt.' All that is ok.

But what you have done by believing this is a lucky shirt

is your mind is filled with possibilities of success,

your mind is filled with possibilities of everything is going to be right.

This brings luck to me.

This brings charm to me.

Wear the ring.

Everything from numerology to gemology to nameology to these auspicious things,

every form of this...

At the end, I know manipulation is not the right word, but that's the truth,

is to manipulate your mind

in certain ways by which you can draw what you want to draw into your life.

It works.

What is important is it works

or now that I know it's only for man. I'm not going to practice it.

When? When you reach that stage where

you can change the pattern of your thinking by decision.

When I have not yet reached that stage

where I can change the pattern of my thinking by decision,

I need an external help and whatever that external help is.

And that is what religion was providing.

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