How powerful is Being silence

What is your habit that has been most helpful in being successful? As far as I’m concerned, practicing a few minutes of silence has given me everything else in life, everything else in life. We all live a life of sensory overload, sensory overload, these eyes were designed by God to experience natural colors. We live in a world where nothing is natural. All of our clothes are synthetically dyed. We always control the lighting, and we don’t live our lives where people live at sunrise and sunset in natural light, so sometimes the light is too bright, sometimes it’s mood lighting. So our eyes are going through hypersensitivity like you’ve never experienced before. The nose is going through sensory overload. Because you guys have some other perfumes here, so you have some other perfumes here, after every ad and then all the girls look; One ad appears, if you just put on perfume, all the girls will just look at you, okay. It never happened. But you’re trying to have each one of you have a different fragrance, the scent of Monday, the scent of Tuesday, and all of that. Now we also wash the clothes with some scented soap and everything. There is a sensory overload. Ears, are designed to pick up sounds from this decibel to this decibel. But for now, all sounds are amplified. Everyone has, in fact, sometimes it is very confusing, to whom to speak? Especially with so many hairs and those earbuds, “Yeah..” sitting right there in the car together — even without sensory overload, your brain has to do 20 trillion calculations every moment to keep you alive. With no sensory overload, if he’s doing a normal job, he’d have to do 20 trillion calculations to keep you alive. With sensory overload, the overall efficiency of the brain decreases. That’s why you’ll find the reactions of the modern man go down. So the one thing I did was that I didn’t want to overdo the spiritual aspect of meditation. A few minutes a day if you can do sensory withdrawal. Close your eyes – a few minutes. If Cressman can faithfully do it for two minutes, do it for two minutes. I expect adults to do this for 11 minutes. Two minutes, no matter how busy you are, “Sir, the twelfth standard board exams are in. You’re so busy that you don’t even have five or six minutes. Well, ‘I’m very busy.’” you should know. Morning, I go to work, evening, I come back.” Parents also from morning to evening just work. It shouldn’t be hard to find those few minutes, just pull your senses and be quiet for a while that’s it. Nothing else unexpected. You’ll see results amazing.

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