Change your thought by Gour Gopal Das

Recently I’ve been watched a video on YouTube. Interpreted by Swami Gour Gopal Das. 

What he said, how he delivers his  speeches, no one could re-explain. So even i don’t know how to properly write this blog. 

So i just trying to keep his speeches almost as he said. 

“Some people are so poor so poor that all they have is money and therefore I say if you want to know how rich you are, count all those things that you cannot buy when we look at a beautiful tree one of the most important parts of a tree are its roots, and when we talk about roots A healthy tree has healthy roots, and the deeper the roots, the stronger the roots. Trees stand strong in storms, hurricanes, and hurricanes. The roots are invisible to our eyes, ladies and gentlemen. These roots are compared to our spirit. Our achievements are seen by people. Our tools are seen by people. Our money is seen by people. Our attraction to people is seen Our success is seen on people who are not seen by people is our spiritual roots hence I always say if we don’t work on the unseen it is very hard to keep what one of my friends says in Mumbai, IK bought a Lamborghini, he is a rich man Bought a very stylish yellow Lamborghini, it’s Gujarati, I came you know the guy drove to where I live and he said to me ok oh we’ll go for 15 minutes drive I said let’s go We started while driving I was in a seat The passenger, the guy was in the driver’s seat, the 15 minute drive turned into 25 35 minutes, and instead I told him at the end of the 35 minutes look I need to come back because I need to attend a meeting can I go back what he did The guy hit me for the call maybe you hit the car this guy started crying like a baby I asked him to park the car near the curb and I told him what happened the big difficulty He spoke and he said it was only three days ago my wife filed for divorce papers I love her my kids love her she is one of the best mothers one can To give birth to them and we don’t want to miss it, we’ve tried everything possible just doesn’t work of course I tried to console him to calm me down then I was thinking to myself that the world sees his Lamborghini and the world sees his success, the world sees his bank balance, the world sees his popularity, the world sees all of these Things and I sit with whoever is in the country and when they trust him with me I see what happens inside Ladies and gentlemen Yes the tree trunk is visible to our eyes Ladies and gentlemen Yes the crown of the tree is visible to our eyes But the roots of the tree are invisible under the soil Our eyes are our inner development, our spiritual evolution , and unless we make this spiritual development and our spiritual growth strengthen the storms and hurricanes, the hurricanes of life reach us, hinder us, and bring us down in life, so I say that some people are just so poor, so poor, so completely poor that all they have is money, and therefore I say if you You want to know how rich you are, count all those things you can’t buy, and I’m not saying money is bad, I’m not when I say we shouldn’t have money, I’m just saying we can’t relate that as everything and the end of all life if Ever been on a flight, cabin crew members would come in there and say ladies and gentlemen this is the seatbelt, I know you fastened it, I know some pilots are sitting here, I have to apologize if there is a lack of oxygen supply in the cabin . properly and breathe normally Make sure your oxygen mask is properly secured before you help others. Don’t share your resources if you don’t feel love, you can’t share love if you don’t feel hope, you can’t give hope if you don’t feel good, you can’t uplift others, so be selfish first care about them your roots take care of your trunk because only when are your roots and trunks in place and then the crown”, “You can give to others how many of you look beautiful, which of you likes to look handsome, our late president Shri Abdul Kalamji said something very nice he left a deep imprint on me, he said if you really want to look handsome, he said your hand to some and you will automatically look handsome because handsome is not about With beauty and it seems to be about how we contribute to people I conclude by saying if you are beautiful this is God’s gift to you If you live your life beautiful it is your gift to God you”

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