Way to Control your Mind part-2


“This is your mind if controlled it will become your best friend Elevate yourself with the power of your mind Don’t underestimate yourself, the mind is its own place and in itself can make heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven. We may have financial fame and power, but if we do not learn to control our minds, we will never experience the happiness and fulfillment we seek in our lives, think of the example of Howard Hughes, one of the richest people in history, who had a lot of wealth among many From his work, he became a Hollywood film producer and developed a frequency for being a playboy. He went out with many famous heroines, but by the age of 45, his phobia of germs became an obsession while he felt he was free of germs, and he always feared that they would be attacked by them from the outside. Using tissue paper when they served him food, he himself washed his hands until he literally bled and covered his feet in tissue sacks. 

If he knew any of his servants had fallen ill, he would burn his entire wardrobe. From the possibility of contracting germs, he became reclusive and met almost no one but his closest aides during the last two decades of his life spent staying in hotels in the Bahamas, Nicaragua, Mexico, England and Vegas and finally when he died at the age of 70 he practically imprisoned himself from the world Physically and mentally, he was imprisoned in his own cell, where there was a person who possessed a lot of fame and power money, yet he was miserable not because of lack of external wealth but simply because he had not learned how to master his own thoughts and internal mechanism On the other hand, let me give you an example of a person Another who had practically nothing and yet led such a rich existence in the name of this lady. She is the Sindhutai, born in a poor district of Maharashtra in Varadha district when she was six years old, she used to take her family buffaloes for grazing, and while the buffaloes were submerged in the Sindh lake, she would go to school and get beaten up by her teachers for coming in late when she came back to fetch The buffalo, the neighboring farmers were beating her because the buffalo had gone to their field when she was only 10 years old, her poor parents married her of 21 and she had three children from that husband when she was expecting the fourth time that she got involved as an activist, the local mafia was using women to raise Cow dung, it was like cow dung mafia I reported these activities to the collector and collector when he took action the mafia got upset, they incited the husband to tell him that Sinho is having an affair with one of them now, the husband became so upset that he hit his wife then he thought she died and threw her in . Cow shed protected by a cow and gave birth to her fourth child She cut the umbilical cord with a stone She took the baby to her parents’ house and they refused to take her Now she knew she couldn’t go back She wanted to commit suicide She threw herself on the railway When she heard the veil of a hungry old man She went to give him comfort and food, then She realized that if she could help others, she could find meaning and purpose in her life to get away from harassment. She was a resident of cemeteries and she would take grains and cook them in the funeral pyres that lit up there again. She was on the verge of committing suicide, but when she saw the homeless hungry children on the footpaths she decided To take care of a few of them and start begging for their support. Slowly their efforts grew, she established an orphanage and became known as the mother of orphans in order to ensure no prejudice towards her child who gave this child away in an orphanage, and now people came”, “To get to know her wonderful efforts and started to support her so that she raised more and more children many of them became graduates and even friends her children knew and helped in her efforts, she says the most amazing moment was when her husband regretted him and came to her broken and wrecked looking for shelter so lovingly like the mother who She offers him shelter and says he is a naughty child. Her own thoughts have enriched her mind to live such a wonderful life and that is why I say that there is a big difference between the quality of your life and the quality of your life, where the quality of your life is determined by external opulence and the quality of your life is determined by your inner thoughts Our Vedic books have repeatedly emphasized the importance of the mind two thousand years ago Guru Shankara Acharya the first original jagat guru in Indian history Jagadjit said in his book prashnavali that he asks the question who will conquer the world and the answer it gives to himself that person who conquered his or her mind two thousand years after Shankaracharya the fifth original jagat guru in India history and jagat guru tam mai gurudev jagad gurushri kripaluji maharaj said he says see whatever spiritual practice you engage in make sure you cleanse your mind because slavery and liberation will be determined by the state of your mind, there are those who have learned to control their minds very easily, any negative thoughts or feelings that enter them Rejecting it as unproductive and worthless and choosing to delve into the beneficial parts that elevate and exalt them, they tap into inner inspiration to live a rich life. On the other hand those who are slaves of their minds do not realize the gap between the environment and their mind because they have n thought to be in control of it, and thus feel that they are victims of circumstances that lie outside the behaviors of others, and therefore they ride a roller coaster of their feelings, God has given us all the many resources to lead the life we choose To the primary among these internal matters. Machines are called mind How many people who listen to this video are blind, most of us have these two eyes, each with 120 million receivers, with which we can enjoy the beauty of sunset on the beach with the grace of an eagle in flight Glory of the mountains and valleys of the Himalayas, we all have ears to hear Through this lecture, each ear is equipped with about 30,000 cubes, through which you can hear a sound from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and you can enjoy the magic of children, laughter, the rustle of leaves in the wind and the chirping of birds. We all got this body of 630 muscles and 205 bones. 

The musculoskeletal system of we have 5 million pain sensors that tell us if something goes wrong, we have 500,000 touch sensors that let us know if an insect is climbing on its back, our brain has a hundred billion neurons this gigantic machine that we have what we lack by not Our ability to control the inner mechanism called mind that is why Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad-gita lord krishna under your mind that if it is controlled it will become your best friend but if it is out of control it will be worse You are an enemy so Arjun Shri Krishna says: Raise yourself with the power of your mind and don’t underestimate yourself”


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