How To Manage A egoistic Person


Often in school we have to work in teams and there are people who control us, but they do not know what they are doing, do not understand the potential of other team members and want to be alone to achieve the goal. How do I deal with these people? 

You will always encounter in life selfish people. Relationship is management Ego It doesn’t have to happen on a team at school It can happen in families Tomorrow it can happen when you go to college In a new group of people It can happen with some teachers There are always some teachers like that So, life is about self-management. 

These people exist where there is an identity crisis for them, so they always want to somehow prove their superiority over the rest and try to do so. What the world doesn’t realize, I long ago remember having a conversation with Srishti once and I was telling her the same Either you suffer from selfish people, or you can do a puppet show with selfish people because managing selfish people is the easiest thing to do in life.Why is because anyone who has an ego, “I” by nature, is a perpetual beggar. He is a perpetual beggar. 

You can’t The ego has to maintain itself For example, selfish people want praise. If they will communicate more with the people who praise them, they will only go to the places where they will praise. They will only connect with people who will praise them because the ego cannot be self-sufficient. The ego must be managed. Therefore, there may be adults in your family, everyone who praises them, will only talk to them. 

And you tell them two things they want to hear, they actually become your servant because they want to… So, the easiest thing is, what I’m trying to say is that relationships should be managed. We are all a different class. We are all different types. But these are the easiest people to manage. It is not difficult at all. But you have to understand that the relationship must be managed for life. And you’ll be there on the way you’ll meet those… These are all temporary. You work as a team, and he is, you temporarily find some troubled people in that group and you will have to manage. You have to ask yourself this question, “How can I manage it?”. So different people like different things, some people want to talk about their looks, some want to talk about their communication, and some want to talk about their hairstyle. You will find them. Even if the hair does not fall out from the front. Therefore, they are very conscious of poetry and even one sentence, you tell them “You have such flowing hair”. I’m not asking you to lie if that’s the case, okay? And you’ll find that they love it very much. Well, little things, “You have beautiful eyes,” that’s it, just a puppet show. Every time they want to hear what, what, would you say? You can do this with adults. You can do that with anyone. Therefore, you have to understand very early on, like one of you shares the last path of effort, understand people, and once you understand people, you will be able to manage relationships. So just give, every relationship in life is a training for you. You learn how to communicate with others. In fact, never miss, when you meet someone very difficult in life, instead of withdrawing and shrinking, I want you to take this and say, let me see how I can manage this person. This person who is not managed by anyone, if I can manage this person I can manage the rest of the world. So, like anyone who says, I don’t know how to deal with this person, I will make it clear that I can handle this person. And if you are, and only deal with management only, then this is not difficult. Just like I shared with you, I’ll start the conversation in a friendly way. The first stage, what is the friendly method? The first few sentences they have to hear what they have to hear. The next 10 sentences, they will dance to you the way you want them to dance to you.”  

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