How to improve your thought pattern


“If I have to improve the quality of things in my life, I have to improve the quality of my thoughts. And for that, I have to get some things right in my life. Bodham Saranam gachami. There should be enlightening thoughts pouring into you all the time. Dhammam Saranam Gacchami. You have to develop a very resourceful vocabulary. Watch your vocabulary. The easiest way to improve the quality of your thoughts, which will appear with the quality and level of your life, and the easiest way to do this is to think about your vocabulary, improve your vocabulary! Start using language that makes you feel resourceful. how are you? Top of the world! And see how you feel. how are you? Flow with the flow. See how you feel? how are you? A wonderful feeling. See how you feel. how are you? pull on. And see how you feel. You have to raise, and trust me, by watching mega sitcoms for two to three hours every day, you can’t improve the quality of your vocabulary. Two to three hours of intense participation in the mega-series, and you actually feel like it’s all in vain. capacitor! How much TV time do we invest in our lives, if we could just take a part of that time and invest in our development, reading appropriate books, reading translations on the Bible, if you don’t understand the original language. Read books about your specialty. There are a lot of great books available. The amazing technology that is available by… Connect with people who have achieved something in life, who have accomplished something in life. Surround yourself with people you can look up to. One of the oldest lessons I learned back in life, I learned to play chess. From a neighbor by the name of Venkatraman. And the easiest way to teach you chess is to play with you. And every time I played Venkatraman, Venkatraman would beat me. And I still remember, and I remember vividly, because these were my thoughts, and I was at the ninth level, and for the first forty-eight days, in every game we played, Venkatraman beat me. I won in the forty-nine, and in the fiftieth I won. And I remember this, because I said to myself, I will play with him for at least ninety-seven days, because I want to win again more than him. And I was winning, winning constantly, but within a few days of winning, I had a very deep realization. As long as I was losing to Venkatraman, my game was getting better. Since I’ve been winning with Venkatraman, I’ve only been getting better. The game has not improved. I realized empirically … I have time, you can clap if you like. Then I know you are listening! I realized empirically, if you want to develop yourself, surround yourself with people who look up to you. If you want to develop yourself, surround yourself with the people you look up to, this is the only way you can develop yourself. Otherwise, you cannot develop yourself. You need people who have achieved more than you, who have accomplished more than you. And you need the company of these people as they keep that ambition alive within you, and you can inherit some of their thinking, some of their thought processes. It creates a sea transformation in the way you look at your life. You have to watch your vocabulary. You have to watch your vocabulary. All my transformations came with people. That is why, now and then, I refer to it, because this is the power of Sangam Saranam gachami. When I used to teach, I used the F-word and the B-word in my conversations regularly. I used to feel this appealed to young people, when I was, so I used to use that whenever I got the chance. October 1996. 1995 I was giving a speech about obsession and my father-in-law happened to attend that program. My wife’s father is a wonderful man. Even if you pay him cash, he won’t appreciate you. It belongs to the traditional English system where, even if you give him a copy, he will proofread. He was there to talk, she was providence, that night was my dinner”, “My wife’s place, so I went there. And when I began to eat, somewhere from behind, my father-in-law came and said, “Today, your talk was a wreath.” I was on the verge of having a heart attack, because my father-in-law never praised anyone. “But it had four thorns today,” he told me before I even enjoyed the moment. I used the F word four times that day in conversation, and this guy was counting. You immediately turn towards, someone is telling you that you are wrong, if you agree that you are not human, you should justify it immediately. He immediately said to him, “Dad, you should know that all the guys come to my show because I speak their language.” My father-in-law immediately told me, “You have such a cheap appreciation for youth. You think bad words are youth, then you did not understand youth. Most importantly, you should know that Swami Vivekananda did not have to speak vulgar language to bring youth into his programmes.” Then he said, “I thought it was in you to be Vivekananda, but now, it is very clear.” And he got inside. I wanted to call him, “Father, Swami Vivekananda…”, he entered. After some time, that guy came back and, speaking of, only one moment needed for a change. It is the force with which you absorb certain things in life. You don’t need a lifetime to transform. One incident here, one sentence here, one moment there, one there. One incident here, one incident there. You gained one relationship, you lost one relationship. One success and one failure. One moment is enough to be a turning point in your life. You must go through this moment when you are thrown into the platform that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi can fall and go up like Mahatma Gandhi, you only need that moment. You need that moment to see someone die on the streets of Kolkata, so that the school teacher can… I wish, for some of you, that trigger would come before six in the morning. The father-in-law walked from behind and said, “Everything that comes out of a human stinks. Our sweat stinks, our phlegm stinks, our saliva stinks, our blood stinks, our secretion stinks. Everything that comes out of a human stinks. The only thing that comes out of a human that can be nice is Your words. Let this also not stink.” And I don’t think I need another moment then, that moment I decided, from now on, that whatever comes out of that tongue, should make people happy, or should feel appreciated, or should feel encouraged, or should transform them. I would no longer use that tongue, to make anyone feel small or shrunken under any circumstances, and that only one moment was required for the transformation to occur. What is your vocabulary? Why do we use? Just use the word, we’re having a problem. It creates a completely different emotion in your thoughts. And use another phrase, I’m facing challenges. Suddenly the intensity of everything changed in that moment. I have a situation to deal with. Suddenly the intensity of everything changed in that one moment. What is your vocabulary? It is fatal. Why is it fatal? Why isn’t it lively? It’s rich and stinky. Of course, if you have an old coin, yes, it is foul, not otherwise. Why would someone stink rich? Why wouldn’t someone be enriched with a fragrant scent? dressed to kill. Hell chance. If you take such opportunities, then there will only be hell in your life. It is a paradise of opportunity. What is your vocabulary? Because without improving the quality of your thoughts, you cannot improve the quality of things in your life.” 


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