Way to Control your Mind

 “Little boy Dinesh was very eager to know what his fate had in store for him, he would go and visit many palm astrologers and yogis of the earth they would all reveal to him a different fate some paint it very optimistic and others paint it was very bleak Finally young Dinesh decided to put the case to sleep and spend some Money and consultation with the most famous fortune teller George in the land went to that Joji and asked him to look into his fate and reveal that Joji took two pieces of chalk one black and one white with each drawing a circle on the floor then went to the next room and picked up a turtle and brought it in his hands and the young man said it was time To pray this tortoise will decide me. You will leave it on the ground if you enter into the black circle, your fate is terrible and terrible, and if you enter the white circle, it is bright and positive that the boy who saw myself fainted while the tortoise lay on the ground, slowly caught it. I went out and started crawling towards the two circles, then the most terrible thing happened that he turned around towards the black circle and was slowly advancing towards it in a second it can’t be said he couldn’t have gone and picked up the turtle what are you doing said Divine Dinesh put the turtle boldly in the white circle, the fortuneteller said how dare you On interfering with my predictions, Dinesh said what do you expect me to wait and watch while this tortoise destroys my future before my eyes, then he understood that his fate was in his hands like a tortoise which raised the question to what extent our lives are decided by fate and to what extent is determined by Purushartha or self-effort which is widely discussed even in philosophical circles many people who have sworn fate say five things are determined at birth itself are you our life karma our actions vidya are education dhan our wealth and nidhan the moment and nature of our death so they say all that is written in your destiny will happen, There is nothing you can do about it, but ask those people who swear by fate, sir, can you please tell me what is bhaga or fate, I don’t know it’s something mine or numerology tells us well, it’s not the karma in We made it public in our past lives, it is what created our destiny in this life, so if we can do karma of our free will in our past life, it means that in this life we also have the freedom of choice to act according to our free will, there are three types of karma that we need to understand, the first It is holding back Sanchit, it is the stock of karma accumulated in our endless past lives, we are responsible for it and we have to bear its consequences now every time God sends us down takes a part of that karma and gives us this part of your Samchitta, you will have to endure the next life which becomes fixed as our destiny but at the same time every moment we have freedom edum to do karma with our free will it is called ‘sanchit’ it is fixed you have freedom so what you get in life is combination of Purushartha and your destiny if fate is bad So don’t stop there but put more effort and turn this poor destiny into a bright one, so the message in every moment we have the freedom to act, thus Lord Krishna concludes his teachings on Bhagavad-Gita and tells Arjuna Ramayana what this verse means Let me read its meaning and understand its significance from my recently published comment Bhagavad-gita Song of God Verse 63 Chapter Eighteen and thus I have explained to you this knowledge which is more secret than all the mysteries which you think deeply and then do as you wish. See what he’s trying to say here comment This free will to choose from among available alternatives The soul has been given by God the freedom to choose is not infinite One cannot decide that I choose to be the most intelligent”, “People in the world our choices are limited by our past and present, but we do have a certain amount of free will, we are not machines in God’s hand Sometimes people wonder that if God didn’t give us free will, we wouldn’t have done any evil but we wouldn’t have done any good, the opportunity to do good It always comes with the risk of doing evil, and most importantly God wants us to love Him and love is only possible when there is a choice that a machine cannot love. He does not have the freedom to choose. God created us with a free will and gave us options to choose him and thus practice our love for him here. 

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