Top ten success rules by sundar pichai

In this blog the speech I’ll write as it is, what Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in several conversations. 

Sundar pichai: You know when at some point in your life you know you have to work with people that you feel a little insecure about, like I’m ignoring what’s happening in the short term, like there are so many possibilities in the next 10 or 20 years , getting in. An elite institution doesn’t guarantee success, uh, it’s very important, but it doesn’t guarantee success, in part, how did I do it, I didn’t tell people, uh, for a while, I’ve only had a little team and you know i worked on it and uh people working anywhere in the world and born anywhere in the world can create a product and make it available to anyone in the world The most popular viral games in the usa in the recent years came from entrepreneurs in Finland, Ireland and Vietnam. They’re building the next Google, the next Spotify, the next Tesla, the next good. We don’t even know, but what I do know is that it’s the idea that no matter wh where you’re from or what your background is, it’s a revolutionary idea, a brilliant invention that can unleash other entrepreneurs to revolutionize industries in a way revolutionize things you never could have foreseen. My question is how much power do you have as google ceo can you change the google doodle to iotk gp i will message the team before you get too excited. I mean, the good news is that Google is set up to think even if I send that email they wouldn’t, and here’s why you know, I think we got you know that we’ve built an organization with strong ideals and values ​​in showing doodles for what occasions and it’s less about what you want to happen than you know we have a set of rules to keep up with the times Eric was our CEO Eric Schmidt and you know I remember he was angry once and said because he noticed we were trying to build a browser and he said you know what it takes to build a browser , do you know that it is necessary? gone through the browser battles er d in any case didn’t know we hesitated, uh, partly how did I do it? showing something, uh, you know, uh, you know, we had a chance to show the product and it got people excited and stuff, but it’s, uh, you know, it’s a good lesson to be accomplished , you know, even I couldn’t have predicted what it would end up being, but you know, shows the power of a small group of dedicated people, you’re going to have many upon many opportunities to reinvent yourself, and so, um, you know , so I think you know it’s worth taking risks when you’re trying to do something you’re really excited about, if you don’t get it on the first try, you know you can try again, and you know that in the long run things will make the world better your way, even if you don’t know exactly how the impo The most important thing is to keep an open mind so you can find what you love. For me it was technology, the more access my family had to technology, the better Our Lives became. When I graduated I knew I wanted to do something to help advance technology to as many others as possible the only thing that got me from there to here other than luck was a deep passion for technology and an open mind so go for it take the time to find what excites you more than anything else in the world, not the thing your parents want you to do or what all your friends do or what society expects of you, you know look it is remarkable to be at uh IIT there are many many great people who don’t make it and you will see later that people from all walks of life are doing fine. I think it’s important to remember that joining an elite institution doesn’t guarantee success in keeping that perspective in life and you know life is a long road and you know you’re going to take it at the right pace want to tackle and enjoy what you’re doing you know if at some point in your life you know you have to work with people where you feel a little bit insecure right that’s important because that means you’re working with people who are better than you and who really push you, and uh, so always encourage you when you actually feel very confident in what you are doing, uh, you know that means you are. You’re doing something nice and you’re not overdoing yourself and so I’ve often felt like, uh, when I’m working with people in a group, I’m doing enough, those people seem to be a lot better than me, and I think, I think that’s an inherent part of learning, you know i’m from the south, you know i’m from chennai, i studied hindi in school but i never spoke it much the mess and i had to call him i called Hi an m Abe Saleh you know for my first few weeks I thought you called people like that you know and the next thing I know is the people in the mess are quite upset and I think they have the mess temporarily closed oh wow that wasn’t me Very popular for er for the day so you were responsible for closing the mess just for a moment. yes, just for a moment No, it brings luck. I mean, I think it’s important to remember that. Sometimes things don’t work out exactly like you do sometimes, but that’s rare for most people and you know it takes longer than you think and as I’ve said to young entrepreneurs there’s no better time To be an entrepreneur as I would ignore what is happening in the short term as if there are so many opportunities ahead in the next 10 or 20 years. Thinking of creators for knowing there’s no better time to be a creator, which drives innovation at Google. You know I you know me think they always uh you k now we’ve always had an ambitious approach uh you know we call it internally uh uh uh 10x or moon shots apply it every day will do for billions of People count and solve a real problem for them so that’s the benchmark so that’s the way we think about it in everything we try and that’s why we aim high, we try to use a deep informatics approach in everything we do so we can have a differentiated approach and you know and you want to aim high enough that you fail, uh, you know, a couple of times, I think that’s the natural part of the process, uh, you know actually that Larry is saying that if you aim, if you work on really difficult things, you’re better off because you have no competition, others aren’t working on that difficult problem, and even if you fail, you end up doing something great , and since t is, in my opinion, the philosophy that has guided us all over the years.

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