How faith is working from infinite time

 I do not know what causes faith in you. What induces faith in you, whether it’s a period, whether it is a source, whether it is a person, whether it’s a symbol, whether it’s a number, somehow, we all have to keep growing in faith. The more and more I see the power of faith, the more and more I see the manifestations of faith, the more and more I see the opportunities that happens through faith, we shouldn’t be struggling. In fact, 90 percent of our work must be faith is simply delegating what we need to God and saying do it. We must be enjoying life, we must be dancing life, we should be floating through life, if anything, we should be in tears of gratitude for how faith is manifesting in our life. Somewhere… The irony is this, when results are not there in life, when there is trouble in your life, when there are challenges in your life, when you are tested in your life, our faith takes over. It does. Because when I have nothing to fall back on, I fall back on faith. All of us do that. For that, in fact, you don’t have to be an infinite heist, even a common man does that. When he has no fallback, he falls back on faith. So faith for a lot of us is our fallback. Even when results are there, and that is the most challenging period when results are there, when things are going right, when success is decorating your life, somehow we go into I am doing it. I am making it happen. Things are happening in my life. That is when this entire excitement comes in and the ‘I’ gets louder and louder and louder and louder. I will do it. I did it. You know what I was trying to say. Even when everything is going right, keep strengthening your faith. In a limited span of human life. Because we’re using faith to come from death. We’re using faith to save somebody in the brink of death. We’re using faith to heal somebody to come out of an accident. We’re using faith for this. I still think faith also has the power to turn thousand crores into a billion dollars. I think faith also has the power to turn an individual who has lived only for me, mine, myself to live for a larger society. I think faith also has the potential where you thought the circumference of your influence is thousand people. Maybe you will be able to influence a million people in your lifetime. Maybe faith also has this potential to ensure what you would’ve eventually achieved by sixty. Probably you will get it done by forty. Faith also has this power to accelerate the right and the… We are always falling back on faith. In fact, most of that would have been how a cancer survivor survived, how somebody from the brink of death, how somebody was in ICU and they were got back, how when doctors said that we don’t know how to cure this and something, it would have all been how faith turned a negative into a positive. I don’t think a lot of us are thinking enough about faith when faith can turn a single positive into a double positive or a triple positive or an infinite positive ways. 

There I think somewhere the… Don’t become so confident in life that it neutralizes your faith. What is faith? You’re not processing another alternative. You’re not giving your mind choices. You’re not giving it this or that, you’re giving it one… You are not wishing a miracle. You call it faith, a system, you call God a person, whatever you want to call it. You call it only a psychological state where the mind is not entertaining other possibility, whatever you want to call it. One of the things about faith is that you’re not giving it another alternative. You’re not asking, can you? You’re giving it only one possibility and it has to do it for you. You’re allowed to be arrogant in faith. Grow in faith. In fact make that your most important skill, competence, capability, trait, character. Too powerful, faith. And to think that sometimes we can lose our alignment to it, especially during good and positive times. Where we’re losing the power of compounding that faith can create in your life during good times if even during that times, I can keep strengthening and holding on to that. Whatever it is. If it is that once HDB dates are announced for me, that’s my miracle, that’s the faith. Then hold on to that. If it’s something else, it’s something else. If it’s infinite, it’s infinity. It’s a mass of collective faith, collective faith. Whatever it is. Do not miss out on this awareness where you’re all the time questioning yourself, watching yourself, observing yourself, realigning yourself, re-strengthening yourself. Direction of Faith. 

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