How connect with higher supreme.


A very simple story I heard on YouTube, elaborate by Mahatrea.

I was really deeply touched.

The man had a very strange way of cultivating

His connection with God

And the,

Every day he comes to the entrance to the church

And outside the church

Through this entrance,

He will be able to see the altar of Christ.

It seemed that he was only uttering,

Hello Christ,

George here”,

And he will leave.

He will never enter the church and will …

He felt like the church was boring

And he felt it,

“I’m fine with Christ, but not with the pastor.”

He had this thing of his own and he was doing it from

Outside, he was feeling

This long prayer is more than enough.

So every time he does that, come to that entrance

And they say, “Hey Jesus, George here,”

I will go.

Lots of people used to laugh

His way of relating to her.

In fact, they didn’t even think that this was called devotion.

This seemed accidental.

but then

It’s all about intent, isn’t it? It is not about work.

So one day he was taken to the hospital,

And he was lying there in the hospital and he was with him

Friends came to see him.

and one of his friends

tell him sarcastically,

How are you going to say hello to Christ today?

You are immobile, and you will not be able to do that.”

And they all went.

He was running through desperate tears in his eyes and

While he was passing helpless tears in his eyes.

heard that noise –

“Hi George, Jesus is here.”

That moment passed.

And I wondered, how would it be to build such a deep connection

reaches a stage where,

your source

He feels the need to call you as much as you do

You feel connected to the source. 


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