Change your life by changing your attitude


“Fatigue is a matter of attitude. Surely all of you have been through this. I’m sure these kids go through that regularly. They come back at the end of the day, there’s this one thing, which is. Lots of things are designed exclusively for lazy vagabonds. One of them is called a bean bag. You Come Here. Whatever form you lie down, you will remain that way. And I’m sure one of them, at the end of the day, will be back, they’re resting. In fact, the problem with the bean bag is that once you take that position the remote control seems very far from here. What, you baby no? You baby no?. What do you want? Far away. Didn’t you get sugar? What’s sugar now? I don’t eat sugar on Saturdays. Fasting. This one, Netflix is ​​there. In case you already missed the tragedy, you can turn it back on The phone is ringing. Are you tired No. Can you hand the phone in. Hello. Ah, yes. What is the plan? What? He’s coming too? Got the tickets? I’m ready. I’m going now. But you’re supposed to be tired Tired of drunkenness What is Simba?¦ I’m not tired because Simba is tired, the issue of attitude The absolute question of attitude Money is a matter of behavior These expenses feel like you don’t have the money and that expense you feel even if I borrowed it and it’s okay you will borrow and accomplish. Because that sounds like a justified thing. But that even if you have a surplus, you won’t spend, it’s a matter of attitude. Very famous. Considered the father of modern psychology, Will I James, he said that the greatest discovery of my invention will remain. That Once he changes his attitude, a man can change his life.Out of all the things we will discover, extraterrestrial life and all explorations and perhaps we will come up with new solutions, new inventions. William James says, “It will remain the greatest discovery of my generation. That a man by changing his attitude can change his life.” And you will realize that the end of the day is everything. Lots of business people are sitting here. I’m sure they see this on a daily basis. They are people with outstanding potential, extraordinary abilities, unparalleled skill levels, poor attitude, and responsibility to the organization. Inappropriate in the team. And I’m sure they find out on a daily basis. Not necessarily great potential, not necessarily the best when it comes to skill set, but an outstanding work ethic. Unquestionable attitude towards work. They are among the most trusted lieutenants of these leaders in the organization. They have to give a job. There is someone who has better skills than this person. And someone who has a better attitude than that person over and over again has to prove to them that the guy with better behavior gets the job done. Despite the fact that it is inferior in skill sets.”


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