A list of German proverbs


“A good friend comes uninvited to begin to carry on easily like art, everything is worth what the buyer will pay for an old fox. The trap understands everything in its season The service rendered emanates from bad times calls for desperate measures There is no small enemy to be met Roughness with roughness Out of sight Out of mind Adversity is the mother of wisdom Watch out for enemies Reconciliation and twice boiled meat There is a danger in delay Don’t make A mountain of a hill ripening early Early rotten charity begins in the house Whatever you do Act wisely and think in the end It is not wise to open old wounds A good reputation is a treasure better late than never. A bird in his hand is better than a pigeon on the roof. Enthusiasm without knowledge is a runaway horse, a faint heart that has not won a fair lady If life gives you lemons Make lemonade buy cheap and pay dearly Conscience does not need accusing wealth Prefer the audacity the heart sees farther from the head While the grass grows and the horse a starving leaf Do not wash dirty linen in public, where it grows too early and twists its neck and stinks of a fish from the head. Greed is no good for anyone, and worse, envy is his own executioner, as the wolf finds reason to take the lamb, the best defense is a good offense. The eavesdroppers hear no good for themselves, the straight path is the best that a man suggests to God that every man behaves who thinks his geese are swans, men are like fish, the great devour the small, forget the faults of others, remember the faults of others. One mystery today is worth ten Tomorrow, all is well and ends well, everyone should feel a happy healthy paranoia, being alone is not good even in heaven, no one is as blind as one who does not want to see disaster seldom comes alone Swallowing one does not make Summer fear is the right eye Wisdom Poverty is the reward of laziness What he learns in the cradle Lasts through the grave Shared joy Double joy Shared sorrow Half love Forced and self-made Colors don’t last Great minds believe birds of a feather gather together God lets us search but not drown Faith It is half the battle one must honor as soon as the little one learns that a fool laughs at all Because the apple does not fall far from the tree Different countries Different habits It is better to be alone than in bad company Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light of an enemy One is too many, a hundred friends is not enough, a nice wife, and the back door is often rich, the poor man picks a wife with your ear rather than your eye” 

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