“On your way, or come, they help you to face it. It helps you find solutions. Therefore, books are very powerful things. The author says, if you read 10 pages a day, which will take 10-30 minutes, you will read 3750 pages a year. This is the equivalent of 18 personal development books of 200 pages each. You yourself think, if you finish 18 books in 12 months, how wise you will be at the end of the year. It may be easy to listen, people can’t read books even 10 minutes, can’t read 10 pages, but one thing. Watching 10 minute videos will be easy, so, what we have done in online video books, we have created about 10 minute videos for each class. So that you can watch videos in 10 minutes easily, with which you can finish more than 18 books in a year. So, if you want, then sign out VideoBooks, the link is in the description, take the sign-up form from there. Next comes the letter S which means write. To be honest, the author wanted to write the writing there, but it didn’t fit the word, so he used the letter S for writing. Scribbling means writing. The author says, journal writing is one of the best ways to improve yourself. If you do this for 5-10 minutes in the morning, it will help you develop. You will definitely get 3 benefits. The first is gaining clarity. When you start writing things down, you start to get clear. You can notice yourself, if you keep thinking in your mind. It will create confusion and annoy you. It will make you think a lot if you keep it in your mind, but if you start writing it down on paper, things will start to clear up. Clarity is one of the best ways. To motivate ourselves and remove procrastination and laziness. So, you will have clarity first. Next comes, review lessons. When you write ideas in your journal, it will be easy for you to review these things. Because we think a lot but after some time it just fades out of our mind but when you press you can see it again, what and why you write. It will help you. The next step is important, acknowledging your progress. When you start writing, you can go and see how much you’ve improved in a year. What were your thoughts earlier, what ideas you want to work on, what are your goals, what are your plans, and now, what are your plans. It gives you a perspective on where you have been, where and how you are heading now, which is very important for further progress in life. Again for clarity and for creating cravings, how goals should be set, for all of these things there is a book called Think and Grow Rich, one of my favorite books we have created an audiobook that you can subscribe to, if you want to see all of these audiobooks in Subscribe, if you want to take it at 2400 t. per year, i.e. 200 riyals. Monthly, before 1000 seats are exhausted, go now and sign up, the link is in the description. And if you want summaries of these books absolutely free, then definitely subscribe and hit the bell icon. Share this video with those who want to improve their lives, those who want to do something big, then they should share it. Comment, any book summary you want on OVB, you can tell him the comment. Like it, if you find it useful. That’s it for now, thanks for watching.” 

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