URGE Surfing. Why and how to do?

What can a porn urge tell you if you have the urge or craving to watch pornography, if you break the habit it can be a really big signal to you where work needs to be done so think about it think about it when you feel an urge or a craving, what is the urge you are craving, do you think it’s to watch sexual acts on screen or masturbate, it’s not really an urge for neurochemical release in your brain, your brain goes, you know the thing we do that floods my system with feel-good chemicals. Well I’m feeling something here that I don’t like and I’d like to do what’s flooding my system to feel good, that’s the craving for urges that has nothing to do with the actual plot other than that this action triggers the flood of neurochemicals, so I’ve already said that the reason the urges arise for your brain to want to release those neurochemicals is because something happened over here that made you uncomfortable, so that’s it , which makes you uncomfortable, probably an emotion, a feeling, and so a lot of people aren’t good at feeling their feelings, myself included, although I’m a work in progress I do exactly what I tell you say whenever i feel a little down and i feel like um i feel something i don’t feel great what is it i will sit down with this i will go what is it what do i feel and what do i think and it will be that something pass ed that has disrupted homeostasis in my brain if you watch a lot of porn it might be a bit more complex because your brain just wants to go back to get that dopamine release it’s used to but the tool here is just as powerful, so find out what that feeling is or what the thought is or what the stressor is. Usually it’s a stressor, so many people tell me I’m afraid. Some anxiety is too global, it’s too broad, what creates the anxiety, so for example if it’s financial stressors, you realize I’ve thought about it how much money i make and what my bills are and what has been stressing me out is it the finances or are you having a little fight with your girlfriend because she is probably right and something happens there you have to sit down and go ok i’m mad because that happened and she’s probably right and i have to do this now here is part two how to do it you use this to your advantage when you feel what the actual emotion and thought is. Take an action step in that direction. Do something to release the emotion and thought that is making you feel uncomfortable, because if you run to the screen, you must do everything. What you do is escape, you escape into uh fantasies, you give your brain that tide, you move towards escapism and away from who you are. You have to do this when you feel and think it, and it goes Fine with you, it’s my bills, even if you owe ten thousand dollars in credit card debt Tell your brain I’m fine, I can handle this thought and this feeling, and I’ll take an action step, I’ll take the fork in the road towards the solution instead of taking the fork in the road toward escape and the numbing we know when you run away from something it only gets worse, and that’s why science often proves that people who consume a lot of pornography have more financial problems, they do have more problems at work, they have more difficulties in their relationship, they have more stress because you avoid them, if you run up to them and even pay 20 bucks you will telling your brain to take the left fork more often Very powerful, so here’s your number three thought tip. Here’s your thinking tip for today on how to harness and push your cravings to help your brain in your life. You will write down the emotion or thought You are about to watch porn, this is what you need to do when you are at the top of that slippery slope, although the second you have the thought I want you to feel what it is is, pull up an emotion chart online, there are charts of feelings and emotions pull it up, so instead of pornography, pull up an emotion chart and find the emotion you’re feeling, then back it up with what causes that emotion. why are you angry why do you feel stressed why are you bored overwhelmed find out what is causing it and walk the path to the solution it will absolutely help your brain it will want to get back on that path because this path feels good when you start your solution to find problems and you will stop walking the path that creates escapism I know you can do this I know you will love it It will really help you to learn from these urges and cravings and it will help you , avoiding slips and relapses because we know that slips and relapses can be really painful when you are successful in your journey and the reason they are painful is because you have chosen this path that you are so often if you’ve embarked on the path, if you’ve traveled the solution less, you will win, and neuroscientifically it will be amazing for you in because you want another win so i know you can do it and you will learn from it and that way you will avoid having another urge because if you keep learning you will keep growing and you will grow out of this habit if you need help visit me at drtrisley.com I’m there with classes and coaching I’m here for you. i can support you on this path because i want you to be successful and remember to control your brain or it will control you!

How to do urge surfing meditation? 

Urge to surf meditation

Drang Surfing is a skill or technique. 
“Urge to seek meditation, urge surfing is a skill or technique that allows you to ride the wave of desire to participate in target behavior or other inappropriate behavior on our part. You know you don't serve us? And a lasting gift in life that we wanted to be a gift So surfing doesn't push you to your destination Clear desires, drives or motives It's more of an impossible task, Learn that not all desires, The impulses or drives need to be satisfied or respond to Let's start our mindfulness practice today, He would be a great person to help us understand better He is unresponsive to a desire to do anything Something we know will be Create more suffering for us Practice surfing insists to become a style Become more aware of instinctive perceptions by seeing them as waves They crown and fade Learning to value instincts Temporary experiences not states a job Most of us have experience with this Not responding to urging How to quit smoking or scratches does not itch Today's exercise will help you This will make you better at this skill e And so please begin to find any comfortable sitting position. Your ups and downs Don't try to change or do anything around it. Just dive into the whole thing the workout breathing For example you might notice an incentive to make a move a desire to itch Or maybe a desire to laugh As far as you can perceive those buds without giving in to them don't try to make them go away don't let them simply rise and fall like a wave, knowing that it is fleeting knowledge that requires no immediate response when your mind wanders, and without making it difficult for yourself, gently bring your attention back to it, the Sensat Ion of your breath awareness Developing all of your instincts urges can involve many things For example you may notice an incentive to do this Quit this practice or a desire to sleep Or do you want to think of other things You may notice an urge to get up or Turn from all this meditation knowledge away. During this exercise it can happen that you cannot feel anything, that you press something. Anyway, this practice is available today. Get to know the buds better than Auto Submit And finally, if you're motivated, choose to answer it. Do this consciously. Now let's take a few minutes to keep up the surfing motivation. On the grounds that you do. It will help us to become more competent. Don't respond to every stack request When you're ready, I'll gently prepare you. Awareness returns to space, seated under your breath in your body. If your eyes are closed you can open them, you redirect to the room I'm comfortable, breathe a little detail. Pay attention to what you perceive and how you perceive it.

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