Top most highest earning bloggers.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the top earning bloggers and what they post on their blogs. You can learn how they got started, what type or topic their blogs cover, and who these people are that the blogs we’re covering today make a million dollars a year well some make that amount or more every month now know i think this sounds almost impossible, but with consistency and generating unique ideas it becomes easier to achieve this goal holly johnson is one of my favorite bloggers and works with her husband greg johnson they blog about life and travel on a budget. You can discover cheap places to stay, where you can get affordable food and clothes as a traveler, and the countries you can visit that are not expensive without high cost around the world and they bring their own experiences of traveling as a couple and the challenges that they face. The two also offer advice and work as affiliate marketers wh I bring their blog’s net worth to 22,000 per month which is pretty impressive. Second is food blogger Laura Vitale, an American-Italian chef who became a household name in 2010 when she released her first YouTube video that keeps reinventing herself. Unique and Easy to Make Recipes Her blog called laura in the kitchen makes over thirty thousand dollars a month with the main content on her page being recipes, how to cook different dishes and she also earns a lot from sponsor ads. Her career gets even more impressive after receiving invitations to cook on big shows like The Steve Harvey Show and The Wendy Williams Show, her blog teaches how to cook meals from scratch and it’s no surprise that she’s rising to fame, her 300,000+ followers on Instagram also help her secure brand deals that boost her income and she goes on to prove that food blogs can make as much money as other niches. Next we have entrepreneur blogger Yarrow Starrick Who started his blog in the early 2000s realizing how very young entrepreneurs were struggling to start their own business. His blog focuses exclusively on young people as he provided the guideline on the types of businesses to start and how to stay on top and keep making money In 2019 his blog income grew to 40,000 per month and escalated, since he had previously earned four times less. What makes his blogs more interesting is that he writes about his own experiences and how to avoid going down the wrong path he also earns heavily from affiliate marketing and he has his own line of digital products like selling courses and setting up of webinars. Abby Lawson is one of the highest paid lifestyle bloggers, making $41,000 a month making money because she considered it a hobby. Her blog is very insightful and fun to read through which helps her generate an insane amount of traffic to her site her blog’s main function tips on organizing and decorating and how to start a successful blog she is unstoppable and creative and you You can tell from her designs and informative blogs that she puts in a lot of work which she also earns from the personalized e-books she has created she has made over 100,000 in one year alone and is a good example of how to turning a hobby into six figures ryan robinson is a household name in the financial world as he writes informative financial articles that also cover topics on starting a blog and how to make money online easily and has over 500,000 readers each month and is undeniably a Mobile. He also has a successful podcast, offers online courses, and engages in affiliate marketing, which serves as a source of his passive income. Earnings top fifty thousand dollars a month. Lifestyle and self-blogger Heather Armstrong is one of the best bloggers in her niche. Her blog called Deuce started in 2001 and is very popular her blog is estimated to bring in over 50,000 a month and she has over 8 million readers which frankly is incredible her work reaches even further as she became oprah winfrey in 2009 show, the same year she was featured by forbes on the list of the most influential women in media, which is an amazing advancement besides blogging, she also makes money from writing books, working on her podcast and through affiliate marketing. Zoe Sugg is also a lifestyle and fashion blogger who started her blog Zoella in 2009. She has a total of nine million readers and creates content that her audience can relate to and she earns over 60,000 per month and has a very successful YouTube -Channel with over 14 million subscribers. Also, she has over nine and a half million followers on Instagram help in showcasing her personal goods as she has a line of beauty products that is very successful and she also earns it through partnerships with fashion brands to promote their products and their photo app , which increases their income Very famous especially among tech gurus and offers constant content every day. He freely interacts with his readers and covers topics related to cars and the importance of buying the right technology that is informative and is made through advertising on Facebook, selling his own products and affiliate marketing, totaling over $80,000 gross per month. lindsay and bjork are food bloggers and they have two top ranked blogs called pinch of yum and foodblogger pro with over 3 million readers every month they focus on imparting new and easy recipes to make and methods to make them their blog earns every month a whopping ninety thousand dollars, they maximize their pro By running sponsored ads, affiliate marketing and selling their own custom made products, he teaches other bloggers how to create successful blocks and this helps him bag 100,000 every month and even though he Having a disability doesn’t let that limit him, which inspires many of his readers, he also earns by selling his own merchandise and is heavily involved in affiliate marketing. Since he started he has secured 5 million readers and people love and follow his instructions closely because the tools he provides are proven to bring great success, we haven’t talked about fitness blocks and steve cam is a successful fitness blogger, which focuses on weight loss programs and tips to get fit in a short time. his blog called nerd fitness has over a million views each month and he guides his audience through his personal journey that motivates them, he started the blog in 2009 offering paid training courses and online instruction sessions This is a method that he uses to maximize his profits and he also offers internal training, affiliate marketing and he sells his personalized products which together help him make over hundred thousand dollars every month 2006, becoming one of the most trusted and successful websites for car reviews, it is impressive that he started his first business at the age of 12. Posting honest reviews of the cars available to buyers locally and internationally, explaining the pros and cons of owning specific car models, he worked with Google Adsense to get more exposure and ensure his work was at the forefront of the Search engines, which turned out to be profitable, he makes an impressive $125,000 every month and makes more money through paid ads as a brand promoter and affiliate marketer on its platforms in 2019 he reportedly sold the blog for over $60 million and started a new company called Car Expert thriving Shame as new Emma Chapman and Elisa Larson are sisters and successful bloggers who focus their blog on lifestyle. It also includes fashion styles and decorations to use their blog called beautiful mess is very relatable and this explains how famous they are becoming as they tend to mix different topics including depression and how to deal with it with simple home recipes easy-to-make house decorations and help solving personal problems They promoted themselves by creating an editing application and writing their own cookbook, which was very successful. The blog makes her $125,000 a month and she also earns by marketing branded products and doing paid advertising jeff rose is a financial blogger and former us veteran whose financially savvy blog earns him $135,000 a month interest in finance was sparked when he did some research and found that there was limited information on a topic on his blog teaches people about effective ways to make money and financial strategies, profitable places to invest and he is a pro with a Master’s degree, which he also earned through his book, which he published on finance, by running sponsored ads and placing affiliate links on his blogs Delaney Reese teamed up with husband Pete Reese to start their 2014 blog titled It’s to launch a Lovely Life, which addresses lifestyle travel and mental health issues. He also covers their married life and how they resolve issues with their two children. The blog covers a wide range of topics including how to be a successful blogger and easy ways to start blogging. They offer paid courses that are also available on amazon and offer paid advertising for various companies and it’s no surprise that you have millions of visitors on your blocks every year and make 175k a month john lee dumas is an entrepreneurial blogger as he keeps his blog entrepreneur on fire which earns him over 195k monthly and he aims to Since he Helping people who have doubts about the steps they need to take to be successful in business, he also guides people along the path of choosing the right careers and helping them decide which career is more profitable. His blog gained more fame when he started bringing him over 70,000 visitors a month he also has a successful podcast and sells his magazines on amazon sarah titus is known for her great parenting and lifestyle blogs which inspire many new moms to comforting herself that she is not alone she describes her parenting style This includes disciplining her children and earning money from home. She makes over two hundred thousand dollars a month selling her printable products. She is also a brand ambassador for various products. Her readers love her content because it’s to the point, informative, and provides diverse answers to questions they’re having trouble understanding melissa griffin is the founder of her blog melissa griffin started in 2013 as an entrepreneurial blog that explores her failure to start a business in California covers Travel to Japan How to Make Money and How to Run a Business Properly She makes 238,000 a month and maximizes profit through her podcast selling paid courses and affiliate marketing which has made her very successful and always strives to reach her audience to inspire with compelling stories, and that’s why she’s one of the highest paid bloggers. Kiara Farangi is launching her $250,000-a-month fashion brand called The Blonde Salad after starting the blog in 2019. Blog content usually includes her life, how to make money and a follow up on her mother’s life and how she inspires her every day. She started the blog as a hobby and when it gained so much fame she decided to capitalize on it when it turned out that she even better has her own fashion brand which along with affiliate marketing helps her to increase her income He publishes monthly on his blog, which he started in 2007. He is a financial blogger whose content is very informative. His blogs typically feature patterns on how to use high-risk investments, trading information, and the easiest way to start a trade, which has propelled him to explosive success. His Instagram following is over a million, which helps him close branding and affiliate deals. Tim’s blogs also cover future trends and investment options that are likely to bring in billions in the future and so he encourages his readers to invest in such projects, which the blogger we miss telling us and also your favorite influencers in the comments share below. I want to thank you for watching this video. I hope it inspires and motivates you to take the next step in your blogging journey. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, it really helps with the algorithms

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