Highlights of Rihanna

Rihanna’s personal life is full of highlights.Now thriving as a fashion icon and music idol, she often refers to her childhood struggles as the driving force behind her many ventures. Her life wasn’t always about making headlines and performing concerts. On the contrary, Rihanna’s story begins on a small island with a drug-addicted father and a producer who didn’t think she could sing.With a headstrong character and a heart of gold, Rihanna is in a league of her own. She maintains a tenacious resolve to live her life on her own terms while helping others and inspiring upcoming generations to do more. Regardless of the bumps along the way, Rihanna is proud to say she always follows her heart, and encourages you to do the same.She is a lifestyle powerhouse.”She was so intelligent and articulate,” he continued. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow. There’s much more to this woman than I’d thought.’ I then saw her do this stupid little skit on ‘Saturday Night Live’ where she was in a classroom giving a hard time to these boys. She was funny as all hell! I knew in that moment that the girl could act. No question.”She became the first ever global ambassador for education and was active in her role – in 2018 it was reported that she’d helped to raise $2.3bn (£1.7bn) for the organisation. In response to the fundraising, she said: “We have a long way to go. This is a fight we’re never gonna stop fighting until every boy and every girl has access to education.”Food is a big part of rihanna’s life.Rihanna’s chef disclosed that salad is one of the essentials in Rihanna’s diet. Debbie said that the international singer loves to have a salad with fish helps her be in shape. It is filled with green ingredients like broccoli and lettuce which is healthy.Pop superstar Rihanna is a stunner with an amazing body. She is one of the fittest artists in Hollywood. In her various interviews, the beauty mogul has readily admitted that she loves to eat. The singers’ schedule is packed with her cosmetic career and music empire. The Barbadian singer’s personal chef Debbie Solomon who has reportedly cooked for the singer for more than five years revealed the list of Rihanna’s favourite food. In an interview with a fitness portal, Debbie disclosed that Rihanna is a moody eater, but just like everyone else the diva has a few favourite food items. Here is a list of it:Rihanna is a philanthropist.However, she’s more than just a business woman when it comes to social justice and protecting the planet. Rihanna has founded an incredibly successful non-profit organisation, and she uses her platform and financial status to donate to social causes across the world.Today, Rihanna continues to support these causes, foundations, and associations. She has been also been awarded by the NAACP for both her singing career and her continuous efforts to support philanthropic work. So far, this year alone, she reportedly donated several millions of dollars to the research and treatment of diseases, making her one of the few celebrities that has stepped up to the challenges our world is facing at the moment.Family is important to rihanna.Eventually, Rihanna’s father became consumed by his additions. He regularly chose drugs and alcohol over providing funds for housing and food, which put tremendous stress on Rihanna as the oldest sibling of the family. Although her father would eventually clean up and try to make things right, the damage had been done.Rihanna grew up in a small bungalow along with her two younger brothers. Money was always low throughout her childhood. Yet her father would come home drunk having spent half his paycheck on alcohol and crack. His addictions put tremendous strain on the family and his drug-induced tempers would often turn physical. While her mother was the primary target, on one occasion he turned on Rihanna after she asked to stay 10 more minutes at the beach.Rihanna has achieved a great deal.Rihanna has been an icon since 2005, when she first signed with Def Jam Records and released her debut single, “Pon De Replay,” followed by later albums full of unforgettable songs like “Umbrella” and “SOS” (via Biography). And don’t even get us started on “Take a Bow,” “Disturbia,” or “We Found Love.” We can’t speak for everyone, but we still jam out to those songs today, which is a testament to how good they are.Over the course of her relatively short career, Rihanna has positioned herself as one of the most influential artists of this generation. She is the most successful artist in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs Chart — not to mention her already-lasting mark as a humanitarian and entrepreneur.There are several turning points in rihanna’s life.For her next albums, Rihanna assumed creative control and reinvented her music. As someone who quickly grows bored of the same things, she decided it was time to transform her cutesy image into something risque and sexy. Her music videos became more suggestive and controversial, but her fanbase grew along with her worldwide acclaim.Rihanna was now 17 and already on her way to audition for her first record label. She had spent the entire night choosing an outfit and was shaking at the thought of singing in front of Jay Z. Although the moment she began to sing Whitney Housten’s “For the Love of You”, Jay Z was sold. He could tell by the resolute look in her eyes that she was going to be a star – with or without him. So he asked her to sign with his label. They ended up staying until 3 am sifting through all the details of the contract. But Rihanna didn’t mind, her life-long dream was officially afoot.

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